The Neptunians are a race of amphibious humanoids that are unique to Earth-5106 a universe where their home planet of Saturn is capable of sustaining life. Not much is known about thier history, except for their ancient enemies are the vamperic Octopus-Men. By the year 2000 they the Saturnians are members of the interplanetary Galaxy organization. Their race was threatened when a volcanic eruption occurred on Saturn's Dead Sea region unleashing the Octopus-Men, who by that point were believed to have gone extinct. The Saturnians were saved by the Space Squadron peace keeping force who eliminated the Octopus-Men who were unleashed upon the planet from the volcano[1].

Powers and Abilities


The Neptunians are amphibious able to breath under water and on the surface. They can breath whatever atmosphere exists on the Earth-5106 version of Saturn as well as Earth's oxygen-nitrogen based atmosphere.


Habitat: Aquatic
Gravity: Unknown
Atmosphere: Unknown
Population: Unknown


Type of Government: Unknown
Level of Technology: Presumably they have interplanetary space flight capabilities. They have also developed technology that allows them to drain water from massive areas on their planet.

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