Neri was the hand-maid to Frigga. Once, as Neri sought passage across Asgard's Bifrost Bridge, she was stopped by Heimdall, the bridge's guardian, who was checking everybody who could possibly be Loki, the god of mischief, hidden by a magical disguise. Neri pointed out to Heimdall that Loki was still chained to a boulder which was visible from their position. Satisfied that Neri's response, Heimdall allowed her to cross the Rainbow Bridge.[1]

  • There is no Neri named in the Norse legends.
  • Neri appears in What If #47 where she is singing near the boulder where Loki is imprisoned, and sheds a tear. This releases Loki from his captivity before Dr Don Blake becomes Thor. Loki is able to kill Blake before Blake learns that he can transform into Thor, and prevents Thor from re-emerging in that universe. This story would have predated the events in Journey into Mystery #83.

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