Nesbitt was a elderly Irish gang leader and a member of the original Westies who ran in New York City's Hell's Kitchen. He was hated but greatly respected and feared by his peers, which he looked down on and referred to as a "shower of cunts." Among his peers includes Finn Cooley, Tommy Toner, Polly and Eamon of the future River Rats, and Maginty.

Nesbitt would pass away to natural causes, but not before preparing several letters to Cooley, Toner, the River Rats, and Maginty of inviting them to a share of his will as they are given pieces of a code directing them to his wealth of $10 million dollars. Apparently, it was believed Nesbitt's uncharacteristic altruism was a way of wanting Hell's Kitchen cleaned up and put back together as his legacy instead of having it torn apart by the gangs as it was. This set up a war over Nesbitt's inheritance and dragging the involvement of the Punisher.

Eventually Nesbitt's would be inheritors came to a grudging truce in working together to finding Nesbitt's money while teaming up against the Punisher. Once they discovered the location of Nesbitt's alleged fortune at a derelict freighter, however, it was soon discovered that the fortune was actually a time bomb - made up of a brick of plastic explosive with "C_NTS" carved into it - set up to kill them all. In a way Nesbitt posthumously did cleaned up Hell's Kitchen by permanently removing the leading gang leaders for good.

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