The Netherworlders are a human race derived from the pre-Cataclysmic Atlanteans, specifically the Atlantean city of Netheria.

When Atlantis sank, the people of Netheria enclosed their city in a dome that allowed them to survive. As time passed, Netheria sank lower and lower until it became a subterranean city.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Somehow, Netherworld's atmosphere became different from that of the surface. If its inhabitants rise to the Earth, they grow old and weak in a few seconds. The process is reverted if they return to Netherworld.[2]


Level of Technology: Kala has claimed that Netherworld's civilization is superior to the Earth's, possessin many scientific secrets unknown to the surface, some of their inventions include:

  • Electronic TV Probes - These devices allow the Netherians to monitor events on the surface world.[2]
  • Disintegrator Cannon[2]
  • Imper-sonic Flame Thrower - A large tank with a flame cannon. [2]
  • Magnetically Directed Machine Gun - Crew-served weapons that fired atomic bullets. [2]

Kala once threatened to activate a machine that would reverse the Earth's axis, causing upheaval to the surface world, devastating all life there.[2] (It is unclear whether this device truly existed or she was merely making an idle threat)

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