The Netredi were a race of humanoids whose apocalypse myth that involved their gods sacrificing themselves to their worshippers caught Nebula's attention. When she obtained the Naglfar Beacon, she tested it on Netredeen, summoning the undead past incarnation of their pantheon to slaughter their worshippers. The Asgardians of the Galaxy who were on Nebula's trail arrived on Netredeen and found the corpses on a group of Netredi before being attacked by the carnage-hungry undead gods.[1] The Asgardians executed the undead gods and left Netredeen.[2]


Cultural Traits: In the Netredi's religious teachings, it is their gods who sacrifice themselves to their worshippers. Once every ten thousand years, their gods killed each other to honor those who love them. Their blood rains down from the heavens, and the Netredi dance naked in the downpour. Since the blood rain is the only evidence of their pantheon's existence, it is the gods' sacrifice that renews the faith of their followers, and results in their rebirth. Because of this cycle of death and rebirth, the Netredi see their gods as children.[1]

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