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In an early counter Dire Wraiths initiative run by the U.S. Governments D.O.D. Forge was contracted to study the fabled Galadorian hunter/killer technology used by the eponymous Spaceknight Rom.[1]

To a degree, the renowned inventor Forge was able to create a simulacrum of which based on his own design and what he could learn from studying Rom's Neutralizer. Having been able to fabricate his own power negating prototype which, in theory, could normalize any kind of superhuman it is directed at. Be they're abilities mutate, inhuman or even mutant based in nature.[1] Yet the device was untested and it's creator was not comfortable on applying it to a live subject as of yet.

This would not stop Val Cooper from turning over the only working prototype to a government director by the name of Henry Peter Gyrich whom wished to use it against the mutant terrorist affiliate known as Rogue. Forge was both unsettled and enraged by such a breech of his trust, opting to head out and stop the unsanctioned use of a potentially fatalistic design of his and headed out to prevent a tragedy.[2]

Gyrich would test the weapons efficiency on the newly empowered Anna Marie whilst she and Ororo were on vacation in the Mississippi Banks of Caldecott County. The Neutralizer had barely an effect on her due to the hybridization of her mutant physiology due in part to her absorbing Ms. Marvel's powers some time back. Plus the fact that Gyrich had been using it at minimal power.

Finally having had enough of the melodrama however, the governmental advocate would crank up the handguns power supply to maximum with the intent of depowering Rogue for good. Instead her partner Storm took the hit and lost her abilities as a consequence.[2]


  • Forge's iteration of the Neutralizer could not effect Dire Wraiths in the same manner that an Axadar of the Spaceknights could at first.
  • Forge would go onto fashion a specialized Neo-Neutralizer in order to galvanize Rom's living device in order to capitulate banishing the entirety of Wraith World to Limbo.
  • All conceived plans for the Neutralizer created by Forge's hand for the government were all but destroyed after the wraith invasion.

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