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Neutronium (also known as ISO-8[3] or ISO-9[2]) is an element from Exo-Space, the space between realities.[5] While Neutronium is scarce in regular universes, it's abundant in fractured ones such as Earth-517[6] and Earth-15513.[3]


After discovering it, Blue Marvel tried to harvest Neutronium for years for its potential to solve hundreds of global problems, but its atomic structure refused to cohere in normal space. The next death and rebirth of the Multiverse affected the structure of Neutronium, changing its isometric form from seven to eight-atom groups, an "Isometry-8" form (ISO-8 for short), making it more stable and powerful in normal space.[4]

Two Elders of the Universe, the Collector and his brother the Grandmaster, pitted themselves against each other for the possession of Earth-15513's ISO-8, and an object known as the ISO-Sphere, in a competition known as the Contest of Champions, in which they summoned people from across the Multiverse to Battlerealm to fight in the name of each of the brothers against each other.[3]


Blue Marvel described the crystals of Neutronium as frozen spacetime[1] and theorized that it was formed as a byproduct of creation itself.[4] Their atoms fall naturally into structures of eight. When these used to be seven-atom groups, the isometric lattices tore themselves apart at the quantum level. The change of structure of the Neutronium into ISO-8 and Blue Marvel's theory presented the possibility that there had been in total seven instances of "multiversal renewal," and that the Neutronium's structure changed each time the universe was in a new iteration.[4] Despite these explanations, on Earth-517's Battleworld, Netronium exists with one extra nucleon in its ISO-9 form, which behaves exactly like ISO-8 when it should be unstable, held together by a mysterious force.[2]

Neutronium from Ultimates Vol 3 1 001

The structure of the Neutronium's atoms in its ISO-8 form

It has been stated that Neutronium is an incredibly powerful substance.[1] The true extent of its capabilities is unknown, but it has shown to have different uses, like empowerment, healing, or stasis of individuals. It can even be used to bring people back from the dead.[7]

Neutronium's most powerful form is known as the ISO-Sphere, which, according to the Collector, could grant him power enough to rival gods.[7]

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