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American Frontier

During the days of the American Frontier, many heroic American gunfighters traveled through Arizona and fought lawlessness.

The original Two-Gun Kid rode into the town of Dry Gulch and stopped a gang of thieves that were organized by the local sheriff.[1] Two-Gun Kid also chased outlaw Jack Hanley into the town of Central City, where he apprehended him.[2] In the town of Hot Strike, miner Al Hitkos worked with Native American leader Tall Toad in mining silver. To this end, they discovered a strange element that made those exposed to it sick, unaware that it was Uranium. Hitkos and Tall Toad forced Tall Toad's people to work the mine despite the risk until they were trapped inside to die thanks to the intervention of the Black Rider.[3]

20th Century

In 1949, the original Human Torch was rendered inert by the so-called Crime Boss with a special solution, the mobster then had the Torch buried in the deserts of Yucca Flats. When the United States began atomic testing in the area in 1953, a nuclear blast revived the Human Torch, increasing his powers exponentially and allowing himself to free himself, resuming his crime fighting career.[4] A year later the 1950s Captain America (William Burnside) and Bucky traveled to Las Vegas to stop the Executioner, a communist spy, from stealing a atomic trigger from the United States government.[5]

Modern Age

While Anthony Stark and Jasper Sitwell were moving the Cosmic Ray Intensifier to a S.H.I.E.L.D. stage area in Nevada, their plane was attacked by the Unicorn, who stole the Intensifier on behalf of the Red Ghost. Iron Man followed him into a ghost town, abandoned since the early mining days, and was attacked by the Red Ghost's Trained Apes. The golden avenger later confronted the Unicorn again and the Red Ghost, who exposed himself and his Trained Apes to the Cosmic Ray Intensifier beam, before fleeing and detonating his lab with Iron Man and the Unicorn still inside.[6]

Nick Fury and Gabe Jones saved Sitwell's life and learned of the Unicorn's attack, investigating the nearby explosion to find scraps of Iron Man's armor.[7]

Back from Africa, after being hit by the Lightning Simulator, Iron Man returned in Nevada to recover his briefcase and then headed to his world-famous factory.[8]

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American Frontier

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