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The natives of New America

The island that would be dubbed "New America" is located somewhere near the Sargasso Sea in the North Atlantic. It was discovered by Dr. Martin Livingstone in 1941. Evidence of deep sea shells on the beach suggest that the island was long undiscovered due to the fact that it was located on the ocean floor, but for some unknown reason, it had risen to the surface. It is a lush tropical island, rich in minerals, and has a race of savage natives. The natives themselves appear to have started off as undersea dwellers, as they bare a fish-like facial appearance and have scales. It is likely they developed amphibious traits as they survive and fully function above the surface of the ocean.

The culture of the indigenous population is a primitive, one but their history is mostly unknown. They have appeared to have built massive temples and would bury their dead. However, these temples have since been abandoned and are referred to as the "Haunted City", which is located in the mountains of New America. For whatever reasons since, they locals have become even more savage, living in camps, and appear to have taken up cannibalistic traits as they have begun using massive cooking pots for cooking humans.

Livingstone discovered the island after his ship was wrecked and claimed it in the name of the United States. Chased off by the natives, he tossed a note in a bottle in the hopes it would be found by his daughter Dora and so his country could claim it as one of its territories. Livingstone spent the next year learning to survive on the island, getting away from the savages, and building a cabin in the mountains near the Haunted City.

The note was found by the Young Allies who in turn passed the message on to Livingstone's daughter Dora. The location of the island became the point of interest for Nazi operative Baron Boche who sent his minion the Black Talon to find its location. The Young Allies struggled with the Talon to keep him away from its location; however, they would all find themselves ship wrecked on the island.

New America from Young Allies Vol 1 2 0003

The Haunted City

Having alerted Baron Boche prior to the wreck, Nazi forces located the island and built a camp on it. This camp held a regiment of troops and a number of tanks and aircraft. Black Talon convinced the natives to attack and attempt to eat the Young Allies, but they ultimately were rescued by their teammate Toro who attacked the natives' camp and sent them fleeing. Shortly thereafter, the Young Allies destroyed the Nazi camp and used one of their planes to take themselves and the Livingstones back to the United States. There, Martin Livingstone laid claim to the island for the United States.[1]

Points of Interest

The Haunted City


A tribe of savages.


As it has recently been revealed that the wartime adventures of the Young Allies were fictionalized stories based on actual events,[2] the existence of New America is highly suspect. If it truly exists, its current status is unknown. It would seem that the savages that live on the island might be an offshoot of the various undersea humanoid races.

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