Following their return from the Progenitors' World Farm, members of the former Inhuman Royal Family and their allies settled on the Moon, creating a pocket atmosphere that became dubbed the Gray Area of the Moon. New Arctilan became the Inhumans' new base, located in the center of the Leibnitz crater. The building itself was built from nothing by Flint, using both Moon rock and his own body crystal.[1]

Later, New Arctilan was expanded into a city for the Inhumans to live in. Its population numbered around 4000. Then the Kree Imperium began waging war on the Inhumans in order to rebuild its civilization. The Kree gave the Inhumans only two choices: join or die. New Arctilan became one of the Kree's targets. The city was destroyed and its 4000 inhabitants either killed or captured.[2]

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