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In the dystopian world of Earth-20368, New Atlantis was a haven in the otherwise barren, irradiated surface of the Earth. It was located in the area surrounding the New York Public Library in Manhattan.[1] It was established by Ove and his mother the Enchantress following their exile into the surface, with the library becoming his palace. Subjugating other superhuman survivors they encountered in the surface, they managed to create a secluded biome where a small society could thrive. They used Armor to create a dome to protect New Atlantis from the residual radiation, Jolt to generate electricity, and Crystal to control the weather. According to Ove, it would be Crystal who gave him the idea for New Atlantis to begin with.[2]

Once Ove set out to travel to the past so he could rule untied from the dystopian circumstances of his time, he enlisted Magik, another hero subjugated by the mother and son duo, to cast the necessary spell to send him back in time. In a bid to stall Ove's plan, Magik claimed that they would need the life force of the late Captain Marvel to power the spell.[3] To this end, Ove had Captain Marvel's younger self from a timeline decades prior, Earth-616, transported forward in time.[4] When Captain Marvel arrived, she encountered a separate group of survivors,[5] and Ove sent a mentally-controlled Luke Cage to deliver an invite to New Atlantis.

When Captain Marvel and a portion of the group of survivors arrived at New Atlantis,[1] they were greeted by Ove and offered quarters. He invited Carol to a dinner during which he explained the origins of himself and New Atlantis, omitting that the superhumans powering New Atlantis did so against their will. At night, Carol and her allies prowled New Atlantis and discovered Magik, Crystal and Jolt captive. They were then found out by Ove and Amora, resulting in their capture.[2] When Ove and Amora began to cast the spell to send Ove back in time using Carol's life energy, they were interrupted by Carol's liberated allies.[4] While overpowered by the heroes, Ove and Amora briefly took control of The Wolf. Using her psychic abilities on Magik, they found out about her bluff. Realizing that the life force of any individual could power the spell, Enchantress sacrificed herself to finish the ritual, and successfully sent Ove to the past, to the timeline of the younger Carol.

In the aftermath, the rest of the group of survivors Carol had been with arrived at New Atlantis. The new combined inhabitants of the haven were debating on a new name of the place. Hazmat cleared the immedate areas of lingering radiation, and estimated Armor could lower her armor safely within the week. Captain Marvel was also sent back to her time, with Jessica Drew sacrificing herself to power the necessary spell.[3]

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