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New Avalon is a kingdom on Weirdworld.[2]

It was formerly known as Darkridge, and ruled by a family of inter-dimensional travelers known as the Tars,[1] until the death of King Zaltin Tar at the hands of the Dane Whitman, whereby he was beheaded by his Ebony Blade, as Crown Prince Caden Tar fled. Black Knight then assumed the throne and spent months preparing for the arrival of the Avengers Unity Division.[2]

The Avengers Unity Division fought their way through Demon Dogs, Ice Swarms, Thunder & Lightning Dragons, and more, all in an attempt to apprehend Black Knight for the death of Carnivore, but upon reaching the heart of New Avalon, they were shocked to discover they'd walked into a trap.[3]

Black Knight had built a formidable coalition - consisting of Underwater Apes, King Toadius' Tribbitites, Giants, and Amazons - to consolidate his power. Surrounded and outnumbered, the Avengers Unity Division resorted to using Doctor Voodoo's magic to defend themselves, while he summoned the ghosts of past Black Knights to separate Dane Whitman from the Ebony Blade, so that he could be incapacitated.[4]

Black Knight was then imprisoned in a tower, but Captain Steve Rogers realized that the people of New Avalon relied upon Dane Whitman, and that they could not simply remove him without jeopardizing the entire kingdom. Meanwhile, having seen weakness, after witnessing the capture of the king, the Fangs of the Serpent attacked New Avalon. The Avengers Unity Division moved to defend them and were joined by Alkyra Thash and her New Avalon Guard. Knowing the battle would keep the Avengers Unity Division preoccupied, Bolten Dinn mounted a rescue operation, discovering that only Deadpool was guarding Black Knight's cell. Alkyra Thash snuck away from the fight and aided Bolten Dinn in convincing Wade Wilson to surrender by holding Rebecca Stevens hostage.

Discovering the ruse, the Avengers Unity Division found Dane Whitman once again upon the throne. Black Knight demanded the return of the Ebony Blade, but Steve Rogers refused. Rebecca Stevens, an expert on the Black Knights and the Ebony Blade's history, suggested a compromise, that Dane remain in Weirdworld, while the Avengers Unity Division depart with the Blade. Alkyra Thash and Bolten Dinn accepted these terms over Dane Whitman's objections.[1]


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