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Luke Cage is walking with Arthur Dyson in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia who is trying to persuade Cage not to leave but he is unsuccessful. Cage gets on a train station and is spotted by one of Alejandro Cortez's men. He phones Cortez who tells him to get on the train to keep an eye on Cage. Later on, Arthur meets up with Leodis Dyson in the hospital and Arthur tells him that Cage has gone and Leodis says that there must be a reason that he went. In fact, Cage has gone to see Woodward Himes and it is, through a flashback, revealed that Cage hasn't in fact left Philadelphia and Himes is Cortez's employer. Another flashback shows that, earlier that night, Cage had disrupted a heroin smuggling convoy. Cage then tells Himes that all his suppliers will be mad that they aren't getting their drugs and after he leaves Himes' office, Himes' phone starts ringing. Back in New York, Cage is back with his family and he apologizes for being at Philadelphia longer than he said he was going to be. Then Spider-Man arrives at the window and says the Avengers are needed. Back in Philadelphia and Leodis is out of the hospital and in Fairmount Park with his mother.

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IN A CITY INFESTED WITH CRIME, LUKE CAGE...WALKS AWAY?! When Luke Cage went to Philadelphia to avenge an old friend's brutal beating, he uncovered a drug ring that stretched from North Philly's mean streets to the powerful boardrooms of corporate America -- and with every "lieutenant" he took off the streets, another thug took his place. With the deck so stacked against him -- and a family in New York that needs him -- will the original Hero for Hire leave a job unfinished? Or will the job finish him?! John Arcudi (Wednesdays Comics) and Eric Canete (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) bring you the sense-shattering conclusion -- an ending you'll never see coming!


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