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Avengers: Disassembled[]

Due to personal tragedy regarding the heartbreaking loss of Scarlet Witch's children and the volatile nature of her powers, she succumbed to madness, relinquishing her control over her reality-shaping abilities. As a devastating consequence, her teammates in the Avengers were severely punished. Some met a grim end and all endured profound suffering, in an onslaught that obliterated the Avengers Mansion. In the ruins of their very existence, the Avengers lamented their losses, which also included the destruction of the realm of Asgard and the death of the mighty Thor as well. The shattered Mansion was turned into a memorial. Tony Stark, the invincible Iron Man and financial backbone of the team, declared that he would no longer bankroll their operations. Resuming their operations was not an option, thus the Avengers disassembled.[3][4]

New Avengers, Assemble![]

New Avengers Vol 1 1 Quesada Variant Textless

The New Avengers

A new group of Avengers first assembled by chance during a breakout occurred at the Raft, an island facility designed to detain super-criminals. The incident was set in motion during a strategic blackout inflicted by the villain Electro. At the time, private bodyguard Luke Cage was at the Raft escorting attorneys Foggy Nelson and Matthew Murdock, secretly the Daredevil, to meet with the enigmatic Sentry, who had been imprisoned by his own demand. They were accompanied by the original Spider-Woman, who acted as the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent overseeing the Raft. As the crisis escalated, Spider-Man, Captain America,[5] and Iron Man arrived to help restore order.[6] Unbeknownst to those involved, Spider-Woman was in fact the alien Skrull Queen, who had infiltrated Earth as part of an elaborate plan of conquering the planet.[7] Skrulls, who had deeply compromised S.H.I.E.L.D., actually orchestrated the prison break.[8]

Though the Raft was pacified, forty-two criminals had managed to escape. Captain America convinced Iron Man to form a new team of Avengers, believing the assembling of heroes was a fateful sign more than a fortunate coincidence. Without the government's bureaucratic involvement and the financial burdens common to the Avengers's history, Earth's new mightiest heroes should simply exist to deal with tasks that no superhero could handle alone, starting with recapturing the prison breakers. Captain America contacted the heroes present at the Raft riot to invite them to the Avengers. Spider-Man accepted the offer as an alternative for a career paved by failures, while Luke Cage joined for seeing an opportunity to make his family proud. The Daredevil decided to decline as a way not to compromise the team with his convoluted issues. Spider-Woman agreed to join after losing her assignment in S.H.I.E.L.D.. The Sentry could not be found. The new Avengers met at the Stark Tower, a building owned by Iron Man which would serve as their headquarters. Stark's loyal butler, Jarvis, was in charge of taking care of their penthouse.[1] Just like Spider-Woman, Jarvis had also been replaced by a Skrull infiltrator.[9]

The team was put into contact with the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Commander Maria Hill, who had replaced Colonel Nick Fury after his unsanctioned invasion of Latveria -- a secret mission which had involved several of the Avengers-to-be. Hill was less than enthused about a non-governmental team of Avengers, but Captain America noted that he had Full Champion License, allowing him to assemble any team he deemed necessary for any mission he set out on. With Spider-Man identifying Electro as perpetrator of the breakout, the team was able to apprehend him and track his primary target escapee Sauron to the Savage Land. Wolverine, the feral X-Man, who was in the area on a tip from the Scorcher, joined the investigation.[10] Wolverine was controversially added to the team[11] in case a last and lethal resource proved to be necessary.[12] The team confronted both the Savage Land Mutates associated with Sauron[13] and S.H.I.E.L.D. rogue operatives led by Yelena Belova, the Black Widow. Having discovered group of slaves working at a Vibranium mine, the Avengers witnessed the Helicarrier ordered by Hill destroy the area with cruise missiles, escalating tensions between them and S.H.I.E.L.D.. Reflecting on Stark's own revelation that some of the escaped criminals had been listed as deceased some time ago, the Avengers determined that S.H.I.E.L.D. might have gone backsliding without the watchful eye of the recently deposed Fury.[11]

In between intercepting escapees, such as the Wrecker, the Avengers also addressed the potential threat of the Sentry.[14] As a golden hero who had his existence erased from the memories of those who had known him, the Sentry struggled with keeping his alter-ego, the Void, from sabotaging his deeds. With help of the superhero community, the Sentry was helped in rediscovering his place by joining the Avengers. Although he had agreed to assist the team when he could, his mental state sometimes rendered him incapacitated. As a peculiar consequence, the Sentry's Watchtower was located at the roof of the Stark Tower, comically confirming Captain America's suggestion of the team being formed by fate.[15]

One of the Raft's former prisoners was the warrior swordsman known as the Silver Samurai. Intel suggested he returned to Japan for a potential alliance among the Hand, Madame Hydra's forces, and the Clan Yashida. With Wolverine away on other matters, the Avengers lacked an expert on the Japanese underworld. Although Daredevil turned down a request from Captain America to help, he nominated the mysterious Ronin in his place as another agent with a connection to the Hand affairs. In fact, Ronin was the deaf warrior known as Echo. She found Madame Hydra in the investigation, but was chased down by the Hand. The Avengers battled a legion of Hand ninjas to intercept the ordeal, during which Spider-Woman had an encounter with Madame Hydra to discuss her secret allegiance to Hydra. Silver Samurai claimed he had been abducted by S.H.I.E.L.D. for no apparent reason and incarcerated in the Raft, which added another layer of mystery surrounding the prison breakout. The Avengers departed with Madame Hydra captive, but during the flight Spider-Woman furtively staged the prisoner's escape.[16] She was confronted by her teammates about the bizarre incident and had to reveal her status as a triple agent, hidden inside Hydra and the Avengers as an agent guided by Nick Fury.[17]

New Avengers Vol 1 16 Textless

New Avengers Assemble

House of M[]

After operating in the shadows for some missions, the Avengers were to officially debut the public, being unveiled in a press conference covered by the Daily Bugle, which was run by J. Jonah Jameson. Being a blatant hater of super-heroes, especially Spider-Man, Jameson shared scathing criticism over the new membership of the Avengers, highlighting repulsive aspects of their lives. Moreover, around this period, the team counted with direct support from the former Avenger Ms. Marvel.[18] Around this period, the Avengers celebrated Luke Cage's wedding to private investigator Jessica Jones. The ceremony was interrupted by vengeful Yelena Belova, who had been transformed by A.I.M. into a Super-Adaptoid under Hydra's machinations. The Avengers assembled to stop the threat, struggling to defeat her. In the end, Belova was sacrificed by her employers upon defeat in order to hide their identity. The Avengers were then free to commemorate the matrimonial ceremony.[19]

The Scarlet Witch was still an issue to be dealt with. Being taken care of by Professor Xavier in the ruins of Genosha, the possibility of recovery seemed impossible. In light of that, Xavier contacted both the Avengers and his X-Men to discuss a solution. The first step was to reason with the Scarlet Witch on Genosha. However, upon their arrival, the heroes were caught in a chaotic trap.[20] Using Xavier's telepathy to reach out to their deepest wishes, the Scarlet Witch crafted a brand-new reality built from their ideals. Mutants were a ruling cast in this new world. Unexpectedly, the Avenger and X-Man Wolverine had his greatest wish of recovering all of his memories granted.[21] The disturbed Wolverine was met by Cage,[22] who had been contacted by Layla Miller, another mutant who had recollection of the proper reality.[23] Wolverine and Cage embarked on a mission to restore the memories of the Avengers and the X-Men to revert the Scarlet Witch's doing.[24] Having reassembled the Avengers, they led a fight to Genosha alongside the X-Men.[25] In the climax of the battle, the distressed Scarlet Witch restored reality.[26] A consequence of the ordeal was the magical deactivation of the majority of the mutant population.[27]

The mutant energies liberated after this incident catastrophically detonated in Alaska. S.H.I.E.L.D. deployed the Canadian team Alpha Flight to assess the situation, with disastrous results that caused their extermination. Finding no other solution, Director Maria Hill found herself forced to contact the Avengers for assistance.[28] During the crisis, the Avengers acted on social work as per Luke Cage's suggestion, for he believed the group should start paying special attention to the people they protect. The Avengers summoned Ms. Marvel for help as the omnipotent entity arrived in Cleveland. They intercepted the creature identified as the Collective, and the ensuing fight proved to have destructive consequences.[29] Through the Vision's database, S.H.I.E.L.D. learned that the Collective was constituted by the power signature of all depowered mutants of the world as the Avengers struggled to stop him.[30] Amidst the situation, Hill inquired the Avengers about the truth behind the mutant decimation, psychically gathering the information from Spider-Man.[31] On Genosha, the Collective searched for Magneto, being followed by the Avengers. In a formidable team-up, the Avengers managed to disperse the Collective's energies into the sun.[32]

The Initiative[]

When the junior super-heroes called the New Warriors, starring in their own reality TV show, raided a super villain safehouse in Stamford, Connecticut, they provoked one of the villains, Nitro, into exploding. Roughly 900 civilians, as well as nearly all of the New Warriors, were killed in the blast. Congress, with the support of superheroes such as Iron Man, Mr. Fantastic and Yellowjacket (secretly another Skull imposter working with Spider-Woman), passed the Superhuman Registration Act, or SHRA, which required all people with superhuman abilities to register with the federal government, reveal their secret identities, and receive proper training in law enforcement. Many superheroes, such as Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, the Sentry, and She-Hulk, complied with this law, but other superheroes, led by Captain America, opposed the law on the grounds that it violated civil liberties. This led to a superhero Civil War, in which all superheroes were forced to choose sides.[33]

Luke Cage refused to register, comparing the act to both slavery and Jim Crow laws, and he later joined Cap's Secret Avengers after a squadron of S.H.I.E.L.D. "cape killers" attacked Cage immediately after the act became law (at 12:01 am), despite his sitting at home, watching T.V., and not having used his powers since the act went into place. The Sentry registered but didn't choose a specific side at first, instead taking sanctuary on the moon with the Inhumans, though he felt more compelled to join Iron Man than a rebelling Cap. Iron Man, never trusting Spider-Woman's triple life, betrayed her and informed Maria Hill of her status, which caused Jessica to run for her life. Eventually, Jessica located Captain America and his team's whereabouts and was allowed to join their ranks. Wolverine, whilst officially taking a neutral stance on the war with the rest of the X-Men, hunted down Nitro, and stated his opposition to the law during a brief stint in S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. After the death of Goliath in battle, and learning of the nature of the Number 42 complex in the Negative Zone, Peter Parker decided to leave Stark's side. Spider-Man publicly denounced the registration act on live television, and joined Cap's side.[34]

The Civil War ended with Captain America surrendering after a huge battle in Times Square, New York, realizing that such a battle was what superheroes were supposed to prevent. Afterwards, he was assassinated via a gunshot wound to the stomach while entering a federal courthouse, in a murder orchestrated by his longtime foe the Red Skull.[35] Choosing to continue to oppose the law after the rest of the Secret Avengers laid down their arms, Cage assumed leadership of the now underground Avengers, followed by Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, and several new recruits. Iron Man and Sentry took their place in the Mighty Avengers, a government-sanctioned team of registered heroes, officially leaving the New Avengers.[36]


In the aftermath of Civil War, the New Avengers team included Clint Barton as the new Ronin, Doctor Strange, Wolverine, the Spider-Woman imposter, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and team leader Cage. Their base was Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, magically disguised as the location of a future Starbucks. Due to fears of being arrested on the spot, the New Avengers did not attend Captain America's funeral in Washington, D.C.[36][37]

Spider-Woman was told by Ms. Marvel that Captain America was still alive, a fact 'confirmed' by Dr. Strange in his astral form. However, upon going to the Raft, where the body was supposedly being held, Wolverine smelt that it wasn't the real Steve Rogers. The team was then confronted by their Pro-Registration adversaries, the Mighty Avengers, who explained that it had been a "dirty trick". They only escaped thanks to Strange.[38]

The first mission for the new team was to rescue Echo from the clutches of Elektra and the Hand, who had been preparing to forcibly make her one of their assassins. After rescuing Maya, the New Avengers teleported out of the Hand's secret complex. After seeking refuge from the Silver Samurai, Elektra approached with thousands of Hand ninjas following close at hand. The New Avengers seemed to be on their last legs, with the ninjas overwhelming the team. However, Dr. Strange contacted Wong, and with his help achieved his astral form, saving himself from death and freeing Echo from her brainwashing. Echo, enraged, grabbed Elektra and fatally stabbed her with a katana. However, instead of collecting the body, the Hand retreated as the Avengers watched "Elektra" revert to her true form, a Skrull impersonator. They had finally uncovered evidence of the impending Skrull invasion, but even as paranoia set in, Spider-Woman retained her cover.[39]

When the Hulk returned to Earth with his followers to take revenge on the Illuminati, a group that Dr. Strange was secretly a part of, the New Avengers teamed up with the Fantastic Four and the Mighty Avengers to evacuate the city and face the Hulk. Dr. Strange's hands were crushed by the Hulk, neutralizing his spellcasting. Dr. Strange drank a potion that bonded him with the demon Zom and restored him. Although as first Strange was beating the Hulk into submission, Dr. Strange was distracted by how his battle with Hulk was endangering the "little people." Hulk used this to his advantage and beat Dr. Strange unconscious, presumably forcing Zom from him. He, along with the other defeated New Avengers, were taken to the Hulk's arena to do battle until the Hulk was finally contained.[40]

Around this time, Spider-Woman left the group to join the Mighty Avengers, claiming that she genuinely believed that Stark wasn't a Skrull and wanting to warn him about the upcoming invasion, when in reality she wanted to sow the seeds of paranoia.[41] Despite this, the two teams joined forces when D'Spayre's use of the Cosmic Cube drew the Invaders of 1944 into the present, culminating in Iron Man, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Wolverine, Ms Marvel, Luke Cage, and the Wasp being sent back in time to an alternate 1944 where the Skull had acquired the Cube, joining forces with the Invaders to recover the Cube and undo the Skull's changes to history before returning to their era.[42]

New Avengers Annual Vol 1 2 Textless

The new New Avengers

The Hood began to gather all of New York's super villains. Tracking the group down, the New Avengers managed to beat them into submission with the help of an illusion by Dr. Strange, giving the impression that they were backed up by an army of heroes rather than just their own members. SHIELD came and arrested the villains and took them to prison. The Hood broke them out and had them attack the New Avengers at Dr. Strange's Sanctorum. Once they had been defeated again, Dr. Strange had to leave the group, not being able to handle the forces he had wrought when unleashing Zom. The team then moved to one of the Rand Corporation's apartment buildings. Because of the attack on where they lived, Jessica Jones moved into Stark Tower with her child, only wishing the best for her.[43][44][45]

Skrull Invasion[]

The Skrull invasion to take over Earth finally came to a boiling point when a Skrull ship landed in the Savage Land. The New Avengers stole a Quinjet that the Mighty Avengers were about to use, and headed there. Upon reaching their destination they found the facility that the original New Avengers lineup had encountered was in utter ruin. The Mighty Avengers turned up and were about to fight the others, but Iron Man was infected with a virus through his armor's systems. Not only were the Avengers affected, but S.H.I.E.L.D., the Initiative, the Inhumans, and more. A minute later, the Skrull ship opened, revealing a group of fifteen costumed adventurers claiming to have escaped Skrull captivity. They wore old-style costumes of Earth heroes, some of them appearing to be "dead" adventurers such as Captain America and Mockingbird.[46] Thus began a period of paranoia and betrayal, as more heroes were revealed to be Skrull agents. The argument was ended when Reed Richards unleashed a weapon that revealed the Skrulls' true nature.[47][48]

Queen Veranke's long impersonation Spider-Woman was finally revealed. In the climactic battle against the Skrulls, the New Avengers fought alongside a slew of comrades: their sometime rivals in the Mighty Avengers, as well as the Young Avengers, the new Captain America, Thor, Noh-Varr, Nick Fury and his Secret Warriors, the Thunderbolts, the Hood's crew, the "Agents of Atlas" and more. During the fighting, Green Goblin killed the escaping Veranke. The short-lived unity felt throughout the superhero community (gone since the Civil War) melted as blame for the invasion was placed on Tony Stark, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. The organization was disbanded, and replaced by H.A.M.M.E.R., with Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, as its head. Furthermore, Stark Industries was taken over by OsCorp. Osborn was secretly a member of the Cabal.[49]

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones' baby was kidnapped by the Skrull who had posed as Jarvis. Thor was forced to kill the Wasp to prevent her from detonating due to a Skrull trap. On a happy note, however, the real heroes replaced by the Skrulls were found to be alive and well, including Mockingbird. She and Ronin shared a tearful reunion.[50][51]

Dark Reign[]

In the aftermath of the Secret Invasion, with Norman Osborn now officially in charge of Earth's superhumans after he delivered the killing blow to Veranke, the New Avengers again found themselves with a changed roster. The new Captain America, formerly the original's sidekick Bucky as well as the Winter Soldier, joined the team, as did the resurgent Mockingbird. After the original Mighty Avengers lineup disbanded, Ms. Marvel joined the New Avengers. Also, the real Spider-Woman, now an Agent of S.W.O.R.D., joined the team for the first time. Iron Fist and Echo left the team.[citation needed]

Things still didn't improve for anyone, for Osborn was passing off villains as heroes. The New Avengers attempted to expose Osborn by luring him and his team of Avengers to be depowered, only to instead be attacked by the Hood's gang. After they escaped, this was enough evidence to prove that Osborn was working with the Hood. Barton, personally ticked off by what Osborn had done, publicly denounced him on live TV.[citation needed]

Siege of Asgard[]

In Hell's Kitchen, thanks to the Norn Stones that were given to the Hood from Loki, the Hood was able to power up his gang so they could hunt and kill the Avengers. Back at the Avengers hideout, which had been destroyed by Norman and his Avengers, Steve Rogers and Captain America (Bucky Barnes) were attacked by the Living Laser and the Corruptor. With the help of Cage, they defeated them. Luke was then surprised to to see Steve alive but this reunion was cut short when Nick Fury arrived. Over in Manhattan, Spider-Man and Spider-Woman were attacked by Mandrill and Griffin.[citation needed]

Back at the Avengers hideout, Fury activated the code to shutdown all L.M.D.'s to make sure that it was the real Steve Rogers and not a Life Model Decoy. Fury then revealed that he was not alone and that his Secret Warriors were with him. The two group of heroes were then attacked by army of H.A.M.M.E.R. soldiers and fought their way back to the Avengers Safe house where the rest of the heroes are surprised to see Steve Rogers with them. When they saw the news of Norman Osborn and his men taking down Thor the two teams left for Asgard.[citation needed]

Steven Rogers (Earth-616), New Avengers (Earth-616), Young Avengers (Earth-616), Secret Warriors (Earth-616), and Dark Avengers (Earth-616) from Siege Vol 1 3 0001

Attacking Osborn

Led by Captain America, the Avengers arrived in Asgard and caught Norman Osborn and his team by surprise. They managed to hold off Osborn's forces until the Hood arrived with his gang and evened out the playing field. They were caught off guard when the Sentry smashed through Asgard and caused it to crumble onto the Oklahoma fields. The Sentry turned into his Void form and attacked both the heroes and villains. Loki stole the Hood's magical Norn Stones and gave them to the Avengers. With the combined might of most of Earth's heroes, the Avengers were able to defeat the Void.[citation needed]

New Avengers (Earth-616) from New Avengers Finale Vol 1 1 0001

The New Avengers celebrate the end of the Dark Reign

The New Avengers tracked the now depowered Hood and Madame Masque to California with Masque's father, Count Nefaria. With the help of Wolverine, the Avengers were able to defeat the three villains and left them with Maria Hill. The next day, the New Avengers met with many of Earth's heroes at Avengers Tower. There, they learned that Steve Rogers was now America's new Top Cop and that they were all free men and women again since they SHRA was thrown out. All of the team then walk through Central Park, free at last.[52]

Heroic Age[]

With the Registration Act now repealed, Captain America granted Cage free rein to assemble his own team of Avengers and operate however he would choose, recognizing the value in multiple teams of heroes being active. He also sent Victoria Hand, Norman Osborn's former associate, to act as a liaison, because he felt she could provide an important insight to the team. No sooner had Cage chosen his roster- which brought back Iron Fist and added the Thing- when the New Avengers were attacked by Stephen Strange and Daimon Hellstrom, possessed by demons and seeking the Eye of Agamotto. Cage was similarly possessed when he came in contact with it. Although the new team successfully prevented Agamotto from reclaiming the Eye and unmaking reality, Doctor Voodoo sacrificed his own life and the Eye in the process. Hawkeye left the team to return to the main Avengers line-up. Despite this, the group gained new allies when Doctor Strange agreed to join the team, with his associate Wong as housekeeper, and Luke and Jessica hired Squirrel Girl to be their daughter's nanny.[citation needed]

Fear Itself[]

During Red Skull's Blitzkrieg U.S.A., the New Avengers engaged the Thule Society's attack in New York. A separate unit of the Thule Society attacked Avengers Mansion, where Daredevil protected Squirrel Girl and Danielle Cage from this unit. Because of this, Daredevil joined the team despite some initial reluctance.[citation needed]

The New Dark Avengers[]

New Avengers (Earth-616) vs

The New Avengers were commanded to supervise the transition of Norman Osborn from the Raft to another prison. This mission failed, as Osborn was freed by corrupted Raft officers and returned as the head of the revived H.A.M.M.E.R.[citation needed]

Days later, at Stark Resilient laboratories at Paramus, New Jersey, the team fought a new version of Ultimo, controlled by H.A.M.M.E.R., who was trying to steal Stark's Iron Man armor. Though the giant robot fell, a smaller robot attacked Wolverine, obtained a blood sample and escaped. After restoring order, the New Avengers returned to Avengers Mansion.[citation needed]

Some time later, the mansion was surrounded by protesters, which had a dispiriting effect on the team. Victoria Hand learned of a situation in Miami, to which she dispatched the New Avengers. However, she gave them wrong coordinates, so she could give the correct ones to another person, to give him an advantage over the Avengers. By the time the Avengers arrived at the correct place, Osborn and his New Dark Avengers had already saved the day. The New Avengers gave battle but were caught unprepared: Doctor Strange aborted the mission and teleported the team to a rooftop, only to be surprised by the sudden appearance of Ragnarok.[citation needed]

Wolverine and Cage managed to defeat and destroy Ragnarok, leaving him to Osborn before returning to the mansion with a bitter victory. When they arrived, S.W.A.T. operatives were there to arrest them. Feeling outnumbered by the authority forces, Doctor Strange managed to teleport the team to his Sanctum Sanctorum so they could take a break and make a plan to deal with the bitter situation with Osborn.[citation needed]

The team caught and questioned Victoria Hand who revealed her status as a Triple Agent all along, remaining loyal to Steve Rogers but assisting Osborn in order to bring him back to prison. Meanwhile, when the Dark Avengers where about to go to the New Avengers location, Skaar betrayed them, attacking his fellow teammates. He later freed Captain America and, when the New Avengers arrived, he helped them to defeat the Dark Avengers. The team, Captain America and Skaar later joined the fight with the main Avengers team against the new Super-Adaptoid, Norman Osborn[53]. However, the incident with Osborn, combined with the Thule Societies previous attack on Avengers Mansion, caused Jessica Jones to quit the team and go into hiding out of fear for Danielle's safety.[citation needed]

New Avengers: Disassembled[]

After the conflict between the Avengers and the X-Men, Luke Cage decided to leave the team in order to raise his daughter in peace, which lead the New Avengers to decide to disassemble. At the same time Daniel Drumm vowed revenge on Strange for the death of his brother. He used his abilities to possess the New Avengers and use them against Stephen. Stephen Strange had to appeal to dark magic to defeat Drumm.[citation needed]

Strange used his powers to continue defending the universe although it wasn't his duty anymore and managed not to succumb before the dark magic he used, prompting the Ancient One to appear in the battlefield and gave Strange the Eye of Agamotto again, thus becoming the Sorcerer Supreme once more.[citation needed]

In the aftermath of the battle, Cage sold Avengers Mansion back to Tony Stark, who would use it as the headquarters of the Avengers Unity Division. Many of the New Avengers became part of the core team.[54]



Formerly Avengers Quinjet, Rand Corporate Jet, Dr. Strange's teleportation spells


  • When the New Avengers first started, Tony Stark had the original new members make an e-mail with his domain name. As a whole, their e-mail address was[citation needed]

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