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Quote1.png These words. They're just words. I'm dedicating my life to you and-- and I'm saying someone else's words. That's nuts. I want you to know, I truly believe that together we are so much better than we are apart. And not in that creepy way. Really, I'm inspired by you. I don't get lost in my own head like I used to. This world is a scary place. You being an Avenger-- it's so... scary. Every day there's some idiot in our face trying to ruin it. And ever since we got together, I just haven't cared. And no goon attacked us at our wedding, so I'm going to take that as a good sign. And even if the worst happens... It's a weird feeling-- but I know for a fact we can deal with it. Look at that kid over there. Look at her. We made her. And I love watching you be a father. So much so that I'd wear this big poofed-out dress. I just wanted to let you know in my words. This is why I said yes to all this crazy. That's why. Quote2.png
Jessica Jones

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