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Quote1.png My name is Simon Williams. I used to be known as Wonder Man. I used to be an Avenger. Back when that really meant something. I know what I'm about to tell you is not a popular idea. I know that what I'm about to tell you flies in the face of how I've lived my life up until now. And maybe what I'm telling you flies in the face of what you believe. But the Avengers are wrong. The idea of a group of super-powered persons gathering together and deciding what's best for the wrong. There is something very sexy about the idea. Something very appealing. Sure, I'll give you that. And that's why I was one of them for so long... But now I see clearly that I was wrong. They are wrong. Quote2.png
Simon Williams

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Synopsis for "The Revengers!"

Simon Williams, aka Wonder Man, stands in a warehouse enumerating the Avengers' crimes. Ultron, a robot created by Henry Pym, became self-aware and waged war on humanity. The Scarlet Witch, daughter of Magneto, had lost control of her reality-altering powers. Civil War had pitted hero against hero, cost lives, endangered civilians and property -- and changed nothing. The Incredible Hulk, who is prone to unstoppable rampages, is still loose. And the Dark Avengers unwittingly exposed the world to unimaginable peril simply by including Sentry in their number; which crime the Avengers compounded by killing the man. Williams concludes that the Avengers will always harm the world more than they helped it, and that it is up to brave and forward-thinking individuals to shut them down before they can do it again.

Williams has assembled his own group of such individuals: the Revengers. Comprised of D-Man, Atlas, Goliath, Century, Ethan Edwards, Anti-Venom, Devil-Slayer, and Captain Ultra, they are all former heroes who have become dissatisfied with the Avengers. They wait outside Avengers Mansion, home to the New Avengers, until baby Danielle Cage has been taken off the grounds by her nanny, Squirrel Girl. Then they attack.

Atlas leads the charge, plowing through the fence and into the side of the building with enough force to make the mansion shake. The New Avengers are at a double disadvantage: they were enjoying a lazy day off, and their attackers have done their research and know who they are. Ms. Marvel is shocked to see Wonder Man and tries in vain to talk him down; the other New Avengers are fighting for their lives.

Victoria Hand manages to reach her laptop and put out an alert. She is able to provide unexpected support: firstly, she has a gun, and secondly she can identify their attackers and name their weaknesses. Atlas and Goliath are trying to bring down the building itself, though Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are doing their best to fight them. Ms. Marvel and Wonder Man fly into each other and meet in a concussive ball of energy.

Things look bad for the New Avengers, but they are holding their own until Atlas succeeds in breaking through the wall, bringing the mansion down on their heads and effectively ending the battle. The Thing is able to break out; he makes a brave stand but cannot hold out against the Revengers. They attack him from all sides, and Atlas ends it by crushing him under a giant foot. Then Ms. Marvel falls from the sky to land, unconscious, in the midst of the rubble.

The Revengers are jubilant at their triumph, but Williams cuts the celebration short. They still have work to do. As they consider their next target, Williams gazes meaningfully at Avengers Tower.

Solicit Synopsis

From the creative team of SECRET WAR! Simon Williams doesn't think the Avengers are helping the world and is willing to do whatever is needed to stop them. Including bringing in his own NEW team...THE REVENGERS! One of the biggest throwdowns in Avenger's history starts HERE!


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