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Quote1 Didn't you get your powers by accidentally screwing something up in outer space? Quote2
-- Wolverine

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Synopsis for "Special Guests"

An ancient spacecraft is found deep in the Louisiana Bayou. The Avengers and Fantastic Four are brought in to investigate. Taking the ship back to Avengers Tower the two groups open it to discover a Kree scouting party who had been sent to earth centuries ago to await battle with the Skrulls.

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Normally, one-shot stories, especially out-of-continuity give-away specials like these, pretty much suck. They may have a good premise, but not enough pages to really tell a good story, and the story they tell has far too many characters crammed into it. This is an exception to that rule. I'm sure the Fantastic Four were included because this issue was released just prior to their movie going to theaters (you'll notice a pattern here), but they serve the story well. The story has the US Army stumbling upon an ancient spacecraft buried in a Louisiana swamp. They call in the Avengers and FF to investigate. While it's not neccessarily a classic, the story is very well written and the art is also very good. For a give-away issue, I find this one of excellent quality all around.

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