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Appearing in "Hero Exchange (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "Hero Exchange (Part 2)"

Captain America battles Whiplash in Manhattan to rescue the son of technology developer Mason Wilhite. Thor tackles Abomination outside of Indonesia. Iron Man stops a rampaging Fin Fang Foom in Staten Island. The three Avengers later discover that all of their missions are somehow connected, but the mystery takes a back seat as they cut the ribbon at the opening of a new AAFES store at an Air Force base.


  • The issue is broken into four chapters, each handled by a different artist.
  • The indica located on the back cover reads October 2010, but the issue was not released until December 2010.
  • The issue contains no credits or title. A press release titled the issue "Hero Exchange," which was also the title of issue #9. Since this issue is a continuation of sorts from #9, the "(Part 2)" has been inferred.

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