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Quote1 True heroism is moving into a battle zone thinking about your family at home. Quote2
-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "Pot of Gold"

Nick Fury recruits the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and various other heroes to make a goodwill tour of various military bases around the world. At the same time the Kingpin has recruited a former Soviet to rob a bank. The Disruptor's cyborg implants, however, actually make electronic fund transfers from the AAFES (Army/Air Force Exchange Services) accounts to the Kingpin's own account.

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AAFES Press Release (names villain as "The Disruptor")


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After the quality story of the first one, I was anxious to read the second when I saw it. This one, I must say, was a disappointment. The Fantastic Four are back (the DVD was about to come out), but not really neccessary this time. Captain America sends the team, and other heroes, on a goodwill mission to visit the troops around the world and deliver supplies. There is a funny sub-plot with a couple heroes giving the Sentry wrong directions. Meanwhile, the Kingpin has hired some crazy Soviet reject from the Cold War to break into AAFES vault and steal their millions. But the Soviet guy is just a ruse, because all the banking is done electronically. This plot just had me rolling my eyes. It was too silly for me, even in an AAFES give-away book. The art is still very good, though.

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