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Quote1 Heroes are important. They teach us, define us, give us ideals to aspire to. But heroes don't live forever. And when they're gone, that's when we all have to step up -- and do our duty. For we are all Americans. Quote2
-- Captain America

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Synopsis for "The Spirit of America"

Before Captain America died, he left video messages for Iron Man and Wolverine. AIM has taken interest in the Matthews siblings, a brother and sister both serving in the military. Private Danny Matthews is working on a special project at Los Angeles Air Force Base while his sister is serving overseas. Iron Man takes Wonder Man and Black Widow to L.A. to watch over Danny while Wolverine and Cyclops go overseas to protect his sister.

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Stuart Moore wrote the fourth (and my personal favorite) issue in this series, "Letters Home." That issue must have been pretty well received, because he is the first writer to do a second issue of these specials. In this issue, we see Iron Man and Wolverine viewing videotaped messages from the dearly departed Captain America. It seems that before he died, Cap met a young Soldier, PFC Matthews, overseas. Matthews' brother is also a Soldier, working in the states on a top secret communications project. This project has gotten the attention of the evil terrorist organization A.I.M. Cap's mission for the Avengers - to protect the two young Soldiers from the terrorists. Iron Man takes Black Widow and Wonder Man to LA to look into the communications project while Wolverine invites Cyclops to travel overseas with him.

Moore again does a good job of giving us a good super hero story mixed with a touch of a military tribute. These comics work so much better that way than when they try to do the opposite (i.e. #2 - "Pot of Gold"). I had not seen any of Cliff Richards' art before, but it looks like a Marvel Adventures book. That's all right, because I like the Marvel Adventures line. Overall, I'd rank this a notch behind "Letters Home," but right up there with "Time Trouble" (#3) as one of the better of the series.

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