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Quote1 As long as we can still stand, we stand as one. And together we can overcome any foe... no matter how strong! Quote2
-- Captain America

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The rampaging Hulk has reached the Yuma Proving Grounds in Arizona. While the military is trying to fend him off, Nick Fury and Iron Man are rounding up an Army of heroes to stop him. A couple of military members take on the Hulk using Stark Personal Armor Systems before Wolverine and the X-Men arrive, followed soon by a legion of earth's mightiest heroes.


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The newest issue of the Military Exclusive series brings in new writer Marc Sumerak and new artist Pere Perez, but it continues the loose continuity started by Stuart Moore over the last couple of issues. The Hulk - last seen fleeing the scene at the end of #6 - is found in the Military's Yuma Proving Grounds, and he is not happy. Nick Fury and Tony Stark put the call out to every available hero. The first people to arrive are two Soldiers wearing the Stark Personal Armor System (introduced in #6). Next on the scene are Wolverine and the X-Men, soon followed by practically every hero in the Marvel Universe. Among them is the new Captain America - Bucky Barnes - since Steve Rogers' death was acknowledged back in #5. With the return to the series of the Sentry and the Fantastic Four, the whole series is sort of linked together - coming full-circle, so-to-speak.

I was initially disappointed that Marvel chose a new writer for the project. Marc Sumerak proved himself up to the challenge. The only downside of the story may be that it crams in so many characters that they cannot all shine. For example Deadpool, a fairly popular character these days, shows up in one panel and has no lines. The characters who have lines are well done, but a lot of characters act as nothing more than easter eggs. Fun for fans, but maybe confusing for those unfamiliar with the wealth of characters presented here. It could prove a nice segue to a larger rotating cast for future issues, though.

Pere Perez's art is very good and the characters are identifiable. So many characters in one book must have been a daunting task, but he rose to the occasion.

My biggest disappointment is that Marvel decided to go with their smaller size that they introduced for Free Comic Book Day. The smaller size compresses the art more than it was intended to be, and this makes some panels look exceptionally cluttered. I understand it's a free comic and Marvel is looking to cut costs, so it's an understandable change. It mostly upsets me because I had hoped to one day bind all of these into a custom hardcover book, and the size difference throws a big wrench into that plan. Still, as far as the book itself, it's another fine outing to salute our Military.

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