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Quote1.png My name is Max Dillon. Some of you know me, some of you don't -- but I broke you losers out!! Have fun, enjoy your lives... but from here on in, now and forever... you guys owe me huge!! All of you. Quote2.png
Electro to numerous super-villains

Appearing in "Breakout!: Part 1"

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  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicopters

Synopsis for "Breakout!: Part 1"

With the Avengers disbanded and both the Fantastic Four and the X-Men preoccupied, a mysterious figure hires Electro to perform a job. A big one.

Matt Murdock, Luke Cage and Foggy Nelson meet with Jessica Drew on the Raft, the Maximum-Maximum Security Installation of Ryker's Island. The quartet is ushered through the Raft to see Murdock's client. The Raft holds the worst of the worst, eight levels of super-powered serial killing maniacs, including the Purple Man, who Luke Cage holds a personal grudge with. Getting inside an elevator, they travel eight levels underwater to the bottom level where all of the generators suddenly power down.

Not restricted to the Raft, the entire city of New York is plunged into darkness. Civilians have a moment to ponder this power outage when a lightning bolt tears into the Raft.

New Avengers Vol 1 1 Textless Variant.jpg

Peter Parker first sees the power outage as a blessing as it gets him out of watching a Hugh Grant movie with his wife. A blessing, until he notices the bolt of lightning coming down on the Raft.

Spider-Man piggy-backs a ride to the island on the underside of a S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicopter, one that gets hit by a stray lightning blast causing it Spider-Man to plummet to the river. Spider-Man swims through the freezing water and is greeted on the Raft by the helicopter's official passenger, Captain America.

Meanwhile, inside the Raft, Electro materializes out of a ball of lightning, collects the person he was freeing, and to cover their escape, frees the remainder of the prisoners.

As explosions rock the Raft, Murdock makes Jessica Drew take them to his client. Opening his cell, Murdock pleads to the disheveled hermit for help. When asked, Murdock reveals that the man is the Sentry, the most powerful super hero on the planet, serving a voluntary sentence for killing his wife.

Solicit Synopsis

"THE RAFT" PART 1 (OF 5) After the devastating destruction of the original Avenger’s just what sort of threat to the world could persuade Captain America to assemble an all new team? And after the events of AVENGERS DISASSEMBLED, who could possibly be on this team? The answer to the biggest secret in comics is only found right here. Get ready for the first of a proposed 500-issue run that signals an all-new era, as Bendis & Finch join with you, the fervent faithful, for the launch of the all-new ongoing Avengers series!


  • The events in this issue take place six months after Avengers Disassembled. Chronological analysis suggests that in the time since the Avengers convened for their last official meeting and announced their disbanding (Avengers Finale), several key events take place:
    • In or around this interim period, Jessica Drew is contacted by Hydra to resume her Spider-Woman identity. She takes this information to Nick Fury who tells her to accept secretly as a S.H.I.E.L.D. double agent. Immediately upon regaining her powers, Drew is then abducted by the Dard'van sect of Skrulls and impersonated by Queen Veranke.
    • Henry Pym and Janet van Dyne travel to England and end their on-again-off-again romance acrimoniously. While still abroad, Pym is also taken by the Skrulls.
    • Wolverine is kidnapped and brainwashed by a partnership of another Hydra faction with The Hand led by the mutant Gorgon. They turn Logan against the hero population and are opposed primarily by Nick Fury and Elektra Natchios.
    • Elektra relocates to Japan and is abducted by Skrulls who then use her persona to position themselves as head of The Hand.
    • Jarvis is kidnapped by Skrulls at some indeterminate point after the Avengers' official disbanding. His alien doppleganger (first appearing in New Avengers #3) alludes to Jarvis taking a vacation during this time. It is presumable that this is true and possibly the circumstance of his abduction.
    • Captain America, Spider-Man, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four and X-Men deal with the fallout of Nick Fury's Secret War against Latveria. Fury is deposed as head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and goes underground. Shortly thereafter, he discovers the Skrull invasion plot and begins building his Secret Warriors team(s).
    • Shortly before the reformation of the "New" Avengers, Cap, Iron Man and Jessica Jones have their initial encounter the Young Avengers and battle Kang The Conqueror on the ruined grounds of Avengers Mansion.
  • This issue spans a very short amount of time, with the possibility of a day or two in between Electro getting the job and the attack. Pages 3 through 22, next issue and the flashback scenes on pages 3 through 9 of New Avengers #3 all occur during the same evening, presumably taking place over the course of no more than an hour or two.

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