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Quote1.png How do you think your husband did that exactly? How do you think he put your life experiences as the Sentry's wife in my brain... so I could type them out in a comic book for the world to see? And why me? Why a comic book? Quote2.png
Paul Jenkins

Appearing in "The Sentry: Conclusion"

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Synopsis for "The Sentry: Conclusion"

Aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Paul Jenkins and Lindy Reynolds discuss how up until this point, Jenkins thought the Reynolds' were characters he had created. In the middle of their conversation, Lindy abruptly falls to the floor. She awakes inside her husband, Robert's psyche. Emma Frost pulled her subconscious there to help Robert gain control. Lindy doesn't believe she is needed, nor does she trust Emma until Emma shows her the fight raging between the assembled heroes and The Void.

Emma pulls the memory from Lindy's head of the night the couple fell in love. Replaying this memory pulls Robert back from the fight where he talks with Emma. They discuss his guilt at having tampered with the minds of every person on Earth, as well as who The General is and what Mastermind did to him. Emma explains that he is starting over from scratch and that he is being offered membership in The Avengers. He agrees to this and Emma unlocks all his repressed memories which gives him access to his powers as The Sentry. At this point, The Sentry's Watchtower appears on top of Avengers Tower.

The Illuminati reconvenes to discuss the Sentry incident and they agree that the Avengers will keep an eye on him. Before they leave, the other members ask Iron Man if he has heard about anything strange at S.H.I.E.L.D.. He denies hearing anything odd, even when pressed about events in the Savage Land


  • Sentry's Watchtower appears atop the Stark Tower for the first time here.

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