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Quote1.png My name is Maya Lopez. They also call me Echo. Quote2.png

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Ronin is Maya Lopez (Echo), a deaf woman who can mimic actions and has photographic reflexes like Taskmaster.

Synopsis for ""Ronin" (Part 3)"

Harada reveals that he was kidnapped and taken prisoner by the United States, and asks Captain America why. Captain America says that the Avengers had travelled to Japan to find that out. Meanwhile, a man in a suit insists Harada lead the Hand ninjas to victory against the Avengers. Harada attacks the ninjas instead, until Iron Man releases a 'concussion blast' that, while detonating in an enclosed area, takes out only the ninjas and the man in the suit, leaving everyone else standing.

Luke Cage asks Iron Man why he didn't do that earlier when they were fighting ninjas, and he replies that the Avengers were in the way - however, Harada was in the way when he did do it and seemed unaffected... *sigh*

Harada tries to speak with the Avengers and make some sense out of recent events, but Luke Cage punches him. Captain America stops him from doing it again, and Iron Man explains that Harada's was one of the files retrieved from SHIELD that listed its subject as dead, when clearly he is not.

Cap tries to explain that SHIELD was responsible for Harada's situation, not the US government, and even goes so far as to say that America is not the Avengers' country.

The Avengers leave, and take Viper with them. While they fly home, they see Harada has gone to the press with what happened. Iron Man declares the Avengers will soon have to reveal themselves to the press, too. Luke Cage and Spider-Man pester Ronin to find out who he is, and guess Shang-Chi and Iron Fist. Cap tells them to stop.

Spider-Woman looks at Cap. Spider-Woman looks at Viper, who is tied cocoon-style. Spider-Woman looks at Jarvis. Spider-Woman looks at Spider-Man and Ronin. Spider-Woman's hand goes near a door release. Spider-Woman's hand touches the door release. Cap turns around to see Spider-Woman's hand touch the door release. The door is released.

Cap and Viper fall out, Spider-Woman jumps out and catches Cap. Ronin insists she can fly the quinjet, so Iron Man jumps out and saves them. Iron Man says there is no sign of Viper. Cap and Ronin give Spider-Woman dirty looks, as the others wonder how Viper freed herself.

Back at Stark Tower, Ronin tells the New Avengers that he is going back to Japan to keep an eye on the hand and heard that Elektra is running it now. Iron Man asks him about financing, but Ronin couldn't hear so Cap told him and Ronin said he has plenty. Iron Man and Cap ask Ronin about flying the Quinjet and he told them that he saw someone do something that he can do it to. Cap asks Ronin about willing to go down distance in this and Ronin agrees doing it. Iron Man asks Ronin who he really is.

Ronin takes off the mask and reveals himself to be a deaf woman who can mimic someone else's actions, has photographic reflexes and has the hand mark on her face and her name is Maya Lopez, also known as Echo and she gives them a dirty smirk looking cross like on her face to the New Avengers shocked and wondered why it was a woman instead of a man!

The next morning, Jessica Drew is eating cereal. Steven Rogers says good morning, grabs a glass of milk, sits down, and asks Jessica "Who are you working for?" Jessica Drew is surprised that Steve asked her that.


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