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Synopsis for "Public Relations"

The story starts with Carol Danvers being blasted by Ulysses Klaw, a sound-based supervillain. She has been called to chaperone his prison transfer. She discovers she can absorb Klaw’s energies and he is sucked into his sound converter, with a loud ending. A prison guard tells Carol about the New Avengers going public and she travels to New York.

Upon arriving, she wishes to talk to Captain America. She talks about the House of M incident. She confesses how amazing it felt to be a “real super hero”. Cap insists that she is a super hero; however Carol claims that there are levels – amazing super heroes, and everybody else. She says that she loved her House of M self, even though it was awful for many people. She says that she will attempt to be that person from now on.

Cap tells Carol that to him, she will always be a super hero, and that once an Avenger, always an Avenger. Carol decides to stay backstage for the unveiling. Wolverine refuses to go onstage due to his brainwashing by HYDRA. Luke Cage seems apprehensive about the whole thing.

Iron Man tells the super heroes that they are soon to become icons. Spider-Man is adamant that he will be a liability to the team due to his bad press. J. Jonah Jameson then pays a visit to the Avengers, accompanied by Kat Farrell, and Robbie Robertson. He is suspicious of Spider-Man on the team. Jameson makes a deal with Iron Man and Spider-Man that, provided he receives exclusive coverage of the New Avengers, he will stop calling Spider-Man a menace and a murderer.

The New Avengers prepare for the unveiling. They are all nervous. Jessica does not believe she should go out there, however Cap reassures her and offers to help her find who her enemies are. Cap makes a speech on how the New Avengers were formed, and then introduces them.

A day or so later, the Daily Bugle publishes an article on how the good name of the Avengers has been ruined by “a wanted murderer” (Wolverine), “an alleged ex-member of a global terrorist organization” (Spider-Woman), and “a convicted heroin dealer” (the falsely accused Luke Cage). He also comments on how the Avengers attempted to make him “bury the truth about that webbed, wall-crawling menace” (Spider-Man). Spider-Woman leaves.

At a pub, she is met by Connelly, who asks if the Avengers worked out her connection to Madame Hydra. Confirming this, she tells Connelly that she told them almost everything clearly. She also tells him that Nick Fury will be attempting to take down HYDRA with the Avengers in secret. Connelly says that this is good news, and also that Jessica has earned her life for another day.


  • This story is reprinted in New Avengers: Secrets & Lies.


  • In one panel, Wolverine is wearing a 'Beltsville' T-shirt, which is a reference to Liberty Meadows, a series which Frank Cho created before he worked for Marvel.

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