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Quote1.png If you find her, if by some miracle -- I doubt what you'll find will help you feel better about what's happened. It may make things worse. Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

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Hawkeye wakes up in the middle of a park in New York and reads a page from the newspaper about his death. Hawkeye calls in to see Doctor Strange, who is shocked at his arrival. The good doctor gives him a check up and certifies that not only is he healthy, but alive.

Hawkeye wants Strange to find Wanda, in order to find some sense of closure to the matter of his death or at least a reason why. The Doc says that with her not using any of her powers, he can't trace her location

Hawkeye finds his travels taking him to Wundagore Mountain. There he apples a kid hood who attempted to steal the bag of a woman. Said woman turns out to be Wanda Maximoff. Only she doesn't really know who she is and is acting as if she is someone else entirely.

Back at Wanda's place, they have sex. Waking up in the morning, Hawkeye tries to determine the fate of Wanda's "Aunt Agatha" but fails. He makes a quiet exit shortly thereafter.


  • This issue marks the return of Clint Barton & Wanda Maximoff, who had been missing since House of M Vol 1 8.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info. [1]

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  1. This issue is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:
    • New Avengers: Revolution #1
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