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Quote1.png Remember you asked me how we know if we're the good guys in all this? This is how we know. We do good guy #$%@. Quote2.png
Luke Cage

Appearing in "The Trust: Part Three"

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  • News Helicopter

Synopsis for "The Trust: Part Three"

Wolverine fights The Hood. Suddenly, the Hood changes to a demonic form and escapes.

Dr. Strange awakens in the Sanctum Sanctorum with his new girlfriend, Linda Carter. They mention that he will be opening his home to the New Avengers, because he feels guilty for not being there for them during the Civil War. Later, Danny Rand asks for Strange's help to prevent others from accessing the Iron Fist power.

Spider-Man jokingly confesses to being a Skrull, and raises the possibility that he is a sleeper agent who's unaware that he's a Skrull. Jessica says that Luke suspects her of being a Skrull as well. This prompts Strange to cast a spell that reveals shapeshifters. The spell shows a visual projection of each person's true nature.

After the spell reveals that none of them are Skrulls, Wolverine arrives and updates them about The Hood. He explains that Hood plans to attack Avengers Tower with a Deathlok. The team agrees to help the other Avengers, even at the risk of being arrested. They arrive at the Tower and see the Mighty Avengers flying out. Below on the street, they see lots of symbiotes.



  • Spider-Man makes a reference to the DC Comics Superman villain Mr. Mxyzptlk, and how, in order to defeat him, someone must trick him into saying his name backwards.

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