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Synopsis for "The Trust: Part Five"

Luke Cage was attacked by his symbiote-possessed teammates. He was then awakened and assisted by the Mighty Avengers. They continued fighting the symbiotes until Tony Stark managed to cure everyone.

In the present, Luke lays in bed with Jessica and their daughter. He explains that the two teams stayed to help the citizens, then the New Avengers were allowed to go. Luke and Jessica discuss their worries about the Skrull invasion.

At Avengers Tower, the Mighty Avengers have a meeting. They plan to invade Latveria, because evidence indicates Dr. Doom was responsible for the Venom bomb. After the meeting, Wolverine surprises and confronts Jessica Drew in the shower. He asks her how much she told Stark about the Skrulls. Wolverine then warns her of The Hood's plan to attack with a Deathlok, but she tells him to turn on a TV to know why that won't be happening. Black Widow suddenly walks in on them. Wolverine jumps out a window to escape, and is caught by Spider-Man.

Later, the New Avengers visit the bank that was destroyed and robbed by The Hood's gang. Wolverine catches a scent, and they follow it to the Hood's hideout. Dr. Strange casts a spell that allows them to see the villains counting money inside. Clint worries that their team may be overpowered. They attack the building, seemingly surrounded by various heroes.


  • Pages 1-6 and 9-10 contain flashback scenes depicting events taking place just after the end of New Avengers #34 and during the course of Mighty Avengers #8, albeit from alternate perspectives. Video footage of the "Venom Bomb incident" is also seen last issue and on page 21 of this issue (erroneously replayed on TV news coverage with a "Live" banner).
  • Events on pages 21-22 of last issue are seen again from a different angle on pages 20-21 of this issue.

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