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Appearing in "Secret Invasion (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Secret Invasion (Part 1)"

In the past, on the Skrull world of Satriani, King Dorrek was informed that they had acquired what they needed before his priests of sciences could get to work. Then, Princess Veranke of Tyrenax Seven Province and other Skrulls approached him and confronted him for not listening to the prophets, as he disregarded them as "madness" and "children's stories." As Veranke declared King Dorrek unfit to rule, his guards arrested her, much to the protest of his advisors. Then, Dro'ge, royal priest of the sciences informed King Dorrek that they took samples from Mr. Fantastic and Black Bolt and could experiment on, clone, dissect, and reverse biological engineer them. Veranke was subsequently exiled. "Reed" woke up in a hospital bed in front of "Sue", "Ben", and "Johnny" before a nurse entered the room and executed him with a shot to the head before revealing "herself" to be King Dorrek. The entire hospital was revealed to be a simulation and everyone, including the Fantastic Four, was actually a Skrull.

Years later, the Skrull throneworld was destroyed by Galactus and Veranke's followers visited her and she declared that they would find a new home on Earth. Veranke visited Tarnax X where Dro'ge showed her their new Super-Skrull warrior, the only survivor of Galactus' attack, and revealed that they could completely duplicate the abilities of any human or mutant they could strip a DNA sample of. Dro'ge also showed Veranke a list of human candidates to replace with Skrulls and she insisted on joining the infiltration and leading it. After Dro'ge asked Veranke which human she would like to live as, she chose Jessica Drew.

Solicit Synopsis


Very special guest artist Jimmy Cheung returns to the pages of New Avengers for this very important tie-in issue. Spinning right off of events in NEW AVENGERS: ILLUMINATI #1, find out exactly how the Skrull empire was able to infiltrate the Marvel Universe and who instigated the invasion and why.



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