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Synopsis for "Secret Invasion (Part 3)"

Jessica Drew meets with Nick Fury in San Francisco, who tells her to get her powers back and act as his spy inside HYDRA.

Sometime later, at a HYDRA base, Jessica is naked on an operating table, with HYDRA scientists ready to restore her powers. But as she is put to sleep, it is revealed that all the HYDRA agents are actually Skrulls, under the direction of Queen Veranke, who orders that the operation commence.

Later, elsewhere, Veranke, surrounded by a circle of Skrulls, is before a ball of fire. A Skrull priest placed a blood coloured hood over her head and the memories of Jessica Drew flood through her. She soon changes into the naked form of Jessica Drew.

Weeks later, Veranke, disguised as Jessica, meet up with several other Skrull sleeper agents at a warehouse, discussing on how to deal with vibranium, mutants and the super powered community. For the first, they will appear as a corrupt faction of SHIELD. For mutants, they need to heat up the heat crimes. All this will feed mistrust, paranoia and racism.

Later, at the Raft, Veranke is present for the mass breakout, which had the unintended effect of restoring the Avengers. Veranke later meets with Criti Noll, disguised as Hank Pym before meeting with Madame Hydra, becoming an Avenger, to talking with Director Hill before going to Genosha to deal with Wanda Maximoff, planning on killing her. But when they arrive, Veranke/Jessica disappears from reality.



  • Jocasta has replaced Rom from the original cover, due to him being a licensed character.

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