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Quote1.png I-I am Captain America. I am a human. I am a male. I am the super-soldier. I-I am an Avenger. Quote2.png
Pitt'o Nili (Captain America Skrull)

Appearing in "Secret Invasion (Part 4)"

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Synopsis for "Secret Invasion (Part 4)"

Spider-Man and the Savage Land natives are seeing Captain America before them. However, the former refuses to believe that the person in front of them is the real Cap, for he save the real Cap shot on television. However, this Cap thinks that he is a Skrull and demands that Ka-Zar help him get back to the United States. However, even he refuses, so Cap tries walking away. The Savage Land natives attack him but Cap is able to outmaneuver them all. Eventually, darts are shot at him, revealing his true Skrull form. Skrull-Cap tries claiming that he is human. Spider-Man demands to him what does he want from humanity. Unfortunately, Shanna believes that he is a Skrull and the natives scratch him with a dart. Him not changing is their proof that he is not a Skrull.

Pitt'o Nili (Captain America Skrull)

Several months ago, on Skrull world Satriani, Skrull soldier Pitt'o Nili is kneeling before Queen Veranke in her Jessica Drew disguise, among the countless Skrulls ready for a suicide mission to conquer Earth. Soon enough, Nili is subjected to the process where he gains the memories, the form and abilities of Captain America. However, he is struggling with his human identity, before the priestess makes him sleep. Later, on Tarnax X, the sleeping form of Nili as Captain America is before Veranke and other Skrulls. They make him believe that he is human with what knowledge they have of the real Cap. The priestess shows them the memories of the Kree-Skrull War, when they captured the Avengers and Fantastic Four, who broke out. But for Nili, they altered his memories. Instead, he is viewed to have been captured by the Skrulls and interrogated. Once the vision is over, once Skrull asks Veranke why should they go to such lengths to achieve their goals. She answers that humans have and indomitable spirit that enables them to continue fighting. She believes that by throwing doubt on humanity will enable them to win.

Soon enough, all the assembled Skrull in the guise of 1970s heroes wake up on a ship as "prisoners". They are telepathically awakened and informed by "Emma Frost" and "Jean Grey", who urge them to take control of the ship. They succeed but crash into the Savage Land.

In the present, Nili is still claiming that he is human and will not answer any questions, so Shanna ends his misery by killing him, much to Spider-Man's shock. Everyone then hears machinegun fire.


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