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Quote1.png The baby, Luke. They took our baby! Jarvis. The Jarvis that was here. It was one of them!! One of the Skrulls! And -- and I gave him the baby! And now -- and now... Quote2.png
Jessica Jones

Appearing in "Secret Invasion (Part 8)"

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Synopsis for "Secret Invasion (Part 8)"

Weeks ago, Luke Cage struggles to changer his baby daughter's diaper. Jessica Jones urges Luke to talk to the baby so that she could recognize his voice. Luke decides to tell Danielle how her mother and father first met.

In the flashback, Luke Cage gets into a heated argument with a car driver and attracts the attention of Jessica Jones. Luke hires her to find his father, who does not trust his "heroic" son. While Luke works with the New Avengers to bust a Yakuza operation, Jessica sends him a text saying he has found their son.

Jessica meets Mrs. Lucas at her home in Atlanta, Georgia and asks if she could speak to James Lucas. Jessica explains that she is a detective representing Luke Cage in a search for her husband. Mrs. Lucas tells her that James Lucas does not want to talk to his son. Jessica asks if James is doing all right, and she says he is still recovering from the death of Luke's brother, James Lucas, Jr. Luke shows up and catches of glimpse of his father, who still refuses to speak. On their way home, Luke and Jessica stop at a nearby Dairy Queen and embrace.

Luke finishes his story and discusses how their lifestyle might affect Danielle. They consider giving up their crimefighting careers, but ultimately decide that they could "show the her the world."

In the present day, Jessica panics and flies to Avengers Tower. With the help of Ms. Marvel, Luke follows her and discovers that Danielle has been kidnapped by a Skrull impersonating Jarvis.



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