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Quote1.png The world needs the Avengers. Now, maybe, more than ever. I know Cap put this team together. He would have been over the moon proud of what happened yesterday. You won a war. You won. You're Captain America's Avengers. So this is your home as much as it is mine. This is Avengers Headquarters. There're plenty of rooms, there's a gym... You can live here, or come and go. But this is your home now. If you want it. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "Dark Reign (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "Dark Reign (Part 1)"

Shortly after the battle with the Skrulls, Captain America whispers something to Ronin and Mockingbird, who pass the message onto Spider-Man, then Iron Fist then Wolverine, who then looks on at Spider-Woman.

The next day in the Bronx, Spider-Man spots Wolverine passing through a solid wall. He then swings in the same direction, speaking, "There is no spoon." and passes through into Cap's safe house. He is reintroduced to Mockingbird, whom he had teamed-up with years ago. Mockingbird admits that being gone for so long is hard for her. Their discussion is interrupted when Jessica Drew walks in, much to Ronin's chagrin. Wolverine tells everyone that she was replaced by the Skrulls. They then learn from Jessica that S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been shut down. Cap then walks in, telling them that the world needs the Avengers more than ever for winning a war. He offers this safe house as their base; Iron Fist says that he has to deal with the disorganized market the Skrulls screwed up but promises that he will come if they call. The suddenly, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and Ms. Marvel come in, shouting that the Skrull posing as Jarvis took their child Danielle. The Avengers then immediately spread out to find the Skrull. First, they go to the Baxter Building, to enlist the Fantastic Four's assistance in using the Skrull detector. They then start searching; Spider-Woman and Iron Fist tackle HYDRA; Ronin, Mockingbird and Mr. Fantastic search an A.I.M. base; the Invisible Woman and Human Torch search the underground; Wolverine has beaten up Electro; Ms. Marvel checks Avengers Mansion; the Thing interrogates Blood Brother.

Eventually their search brings them to a bar, where several S.H.I.E.L.D. were expressing their dislike for Osborn. They pick out a female Skrull, disguised as an agent wanting to just blend in. The Skrull attempts to escape, but is thrown onto a truck by the Avengers. Jessica demands to know where the Skrull-Jarvis is. Before the Skrull could talk, she is shot in the head by the other agents. Jessica comes to the conclusion that Jarvis will kill her daughter.

Cage goes to Osborn, will to do anything to get his daughter back.



  • The armor Iron Man is seen wearing on the first page is not the armor he was wearing during the end of the battle in Central Park. Here he is seen wearing his Extremis Armor, which had actually been driven nonoperational by a virus. He should be seen wearing his Iron Man Armor Model 4.

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