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Quote1.png Oh, no. No no no. That's -- that's Venom. That's Venom as me. That's -- and it's not even the good one. It's Mac Gargan... the Scorpion... Guy used to fight with a scorpion tail. You know... he used to throw his butt at you. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Dark Reign (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Dark Reign (Part 3)"

The New Avengers are perplexed that Osborn had made his own team of Avengers and more over are full of criminals. They deduce the identities of the new ones, "Ms. Marvel", "Spider-Man", "Hawkeye" and "Wolverine" as Moonstone, Venom/Mac Gargan, Bullseye and Daken respectively. Clint Barton is all for taking them down before they befoul the Avengers' name. The problem is, they can't compete with the new team. However, Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers suggests that they lure Osborn's team and disable them with the power inhibitor.

At Avengers Tower, Spider-Woman pops up by the highest window, right where the Dark Avengers are. Venom reacts instinctively and grabs her, believing her to be a Skrull, though Osborn thinks otherwise. Spider-Woman claims that the New Avengers threw her out for being the face of the Skrull queen. Venom doesn't believe her, causing Spider-Woman to react with her venom blasts, only for the Sentry to hang her by the hands tightly. She tries to strike a bargain, stating that she knows where the underground Avengers are hiding.

The New Avengers are waiting in the ruins of the abandoned Hellfire Club. However, instead of Osborn's Avengers turning up, it is instead the Hood and his gang, who engage the New Avengers and destroy the power drainer. Osborn knew it was a trap. The New Avengers fight bravely but realize that they are outmatched and outnumbered. Therefore, Danvers asks Spider-Woman to hit her with a venom blast, using the energy to cause confusion for their escape.

When they return to their hideout, Barton is visibly furious, especially on the part that the Hood is in cahoots with Osborn. Therefore, he goes on Deadline News to inform the public of this and that Osborn should be taken down; he also states that he isn't bothered by the fact that Bullseye is dressing as Hawkeye.


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