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Appearing in "Dark Reign (Part 5)"

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Synopsis for "Dark Reign (Part 5)"

Doctor Strange begins to tell the gathered New Avengers what has happened to him. He explains that he had been in Dover to interview Wiccan when the Hood attacked, warped by evil magic into a monstrous creature with gaping jaws. He put his guns to Strange's head and demanded the Eye of Agamotto, but Strange refused, saying he had to earn it. When he tried to persuade the Hood that the demon empowering him will never keep its promises, the Hood became enraged and assaulted him with magic. Strange managed to avoid becoming overwhelmed, but he needed help to escape: which he got from Wiccan, who had gone up to a rooftop and cast a lightning bolt at the Hood. Strange explains that he managed to teleport Billy safely away, and get himself to the New Avengers, but that had taken the last of his strength.

The Hood was seeking the Eye of Agamotto, which Strange has in his possession but is no longer wearing. He says it is his duty to find the next Sorcerer Supreme; his own failures disqualify him from taking back that role. The New Avengers, who are also seeking the Hood, volunteer to accompany Strange -- he demurs at first, but they insist on helping him as he helped them, and because he is their friend.

At his penthouse, Parker Robbins is in pain and begs Dormammu to make it stop, saying he can't do it any more. All he receives in reply is a demonic face appearing in his mirror, and another jolt of evil magic. Madame Masque finds him on the floor; in his distraction Robbins barely remembers that he asked her to come. She tries to persuade him to get help, to go see Doctor Strange; as proof of her sincerity she removes her mask, revealing her scarred face. The Hood says "Wow," and they fall into a passionate embrace, but, behind them, Dormammu's face once again appears in the mirror.

The New Avengers head to New Orleans in a Quinjet which Ms. Marvel "borrowed" from the Mighty Avengers. Doctor Strange explains that the Eye can give him an indication of the right place to look but no more than that. Mockingbird asks whether someone like the Hood or Doctor Doom could be the candidate, which a troubled Strange admits could be the case. Luke Cage suddenly exclaims that, if the Eye has led them to New Orleans, he knows exactly who they need to see.

In his apartment on Bourbon Street, Daimon Hellstrom is on the phone to his ex-wife Patsy Walker, angrily pleading with her to come back and admitting that he's worried about her. Just then, he hears someone outside the door -- the Hood, eyes and guns blazing, has arrived to strike him down.

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