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Ancient One

Appearing in "Dark Reign (Part 7)"

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Synopsis for "Dark Reign (Part 7)"

Ten minutes later, Brother Voodoo (Jericho Drumm), Brother Voodoo, has finished sleeping with an unnamed woman. He talks with his brother Daniel's spirit, before the Eye of Agamotto appears before him. The Ancient One then speaks to him, choosing him as the new Sorcerer Supreme. after some discussion with Daniel, Jericho accepts. Then he sees the New Avengers fighting the Hood. He dresses as Brother Voodoo to fight, able to humble the Hood in his demonic form. Then, the New Avengers defeat their foe. Strange and Hellstrom then create a seal to trap the Hood. Dormammu then reveals himself, who glees that his greatest enemy is defeated. Voodoo then performs an exorcism in a language that Hellstrom doesn't recognize. Instantly, Dormammu is purged from the Hood's body. However, Parker loses his powers as the Hood, and his said cloth, leaving him naked and badly burned. Hellstom comments that the dimensional barriers are weakening due to the Avengers' duties and eventually, they will pay for their sins. Ronin then goes live, pointing out his claim that Parker Robbins is allied with Norman Osborn. He declares that he and the Avengers will fight for America every day. He tells the camera man to give the recording to the rest of the media.

Loki approaching The Hood

24 hours later, Loki approaches Robbins in a hospital, expressing her disappointment that he could have achieved so much more. She was expecting him to be ready for Osborn's downfall; she offers him a second chance; he pleadingly accepts.

At the Avengers' hideout, Ronin and Mockingbird are watching Osborn's conference, justifying that the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were terrorists and yet they joined the Avengers. He denounces Ronin's claim, claiming that he would help him if he is mentally disturbed. Angry that the media didn't swarm Osborn, Ronin declares that they've got to kill him.

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