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Quote1.png What I should have done is gone to Avengers Tower and killed him. ... Every second that this is allowed to continue, every second this madness goes our fault. Quote2.png

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The New Avengers escaped a trap set by Osborn, who set the Hood's gang on them. The Hood berates his people for letting their quarry get away and reminded them that they came to him for leadership. The Wrecker corrects him - they came to him for a "gig". Madame Masque berates them for their lack of foresight: the Avengers have discipline, which they lack. The Wrecker then asks the Hood as to how he even knew the Avengers were; he states sources; the Wrecker notes that they were clearly expecting someone else. Robbins denies these accusations and points out that they are not in jail. Masque backs up him up by reminding the gang that they are not dead. The Wrecker yells that they took on the Avengers before they even met Robbins. He warns him that unless he has something good, the Wrecking Crew is out. As they leave, Chemistro picks up the destroyed power disruptor the Avengers were attempting to use.

In the present, Thursday, Bucky returns to his home, only to find it an absolute mess.

Flashing back to a week previously, Chemistro brings the disruptor before Dr. Jonas Harrow. Harrow analyzes the device and realizes that it is the "nuclear bomb in the war on powers."

In the present, Friday, Spider-Man arrives back at the safe-house, where he is greeted by Jessica Jones, feeding her baby, calling him "Peter". He tells her not to call him by that while in costume, for he fears another "Civil War" event again.

At the Hood's hideout, his gang is concerned as to where he is. Harrow then interrupts, stating that Robbins is working with Norman Osborn. They should get his attention with a certain case he brought with him.

At the safe-house, the Avengers are having a meeting. Logan is not there, having gone back to San Francisco. Barton then expresses his desire to march right into Avengers Tower and kill Osborn, stating that it is the only way to end all this madness. Spider-Man, is against it, unwilling to kill his arch nemesis and lose the values the Avengers have. Cage agrees but states that they must discuss it. Barton points out that their ways aren't working. Spider-Man then goes into a rant that he thinks he's got it easy back when the first Avengers were around. Barton retorts that if he had taken care of Osborn the many times he was the Green Goblin then they wouldn't be in this mess. Bucky's cell phone then rings.

In Times Square, Chemistro is wrecking havoc. The Avengers leap into action, only to run into a cloud of smoke. Suddenly, one by one, they start crashing to the ground; Cage's heart starts hurting and Barton starts barfing. Chemistro then glees with the success of his handheld power disruptor.

Solicit Synopsis

Ultimate Spider-Man artist Stuart Immonen rejoins series regular Brian Bendis for this all-new blockbuster Avengers story. One of the Hood's gang has found a way to power drain the New Avengers and it turns the tides of the Dark Reign in ways no one would have expected it. Plus the new Sorcerer Supreme has a lot to learn, and they're going to learn it from...Spider-Man?


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