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Mockingbird (Bobbi Morse)

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Synopsis for 1st story

All the Avengers but Bobbi are lying on the ground or in pain. Being the only one without powers, she quickly engages Chemistro, picking up Bucky's shield and gun to defend herself. She manages to defeat Chemistro but unfortunately, the Wrecking Crew comes into the fray. Spider-Man and Ronin barely tries to help out but due to their weakened state, they are easily dispatched. The Wrecker then starts poking at Cage. Suddenly, the Dark Avengers show up, demanding to know what they are doing. Suddenly, Osborn's armor is hacked by Dr. Harrow, who shows up on the armor's HUD. He expresses his admiration for him. Osborn demands to talk to Parker Robbins; Harrow states that he doesn't know but announces that he was to renegotiate the previous deal Robbins made.

Meanwhile, in Bayamo, Cuba, Loki brings both Robbins and Madame Masque to a church, where she introduces him to the Stones of Norn, Asgardian artifacts that can grant him back his powers.

Back in New York, Harrow informs Osborn that the gang has technology that can "change the world" and can give it as a bonus if he transfers over the deal. Already, the demonstration involved the Dark Avengers fall down to the ground before Osborn's armor disassembles, leaving him defenseless before the assembled gang of villains previously under the command of Robbins.

Solicit Synopsis

Oh man, it is not a good day for the New Avengers. Someone has invented a power disrupter and unleashed it in New York City. The heroes have fallen. Some are hurt bad, others near death. Who will rise to the challenge and save the day? A very important DARK REIGN issue. Something big happens. Not going to tell you what it is but it happens on page 17, panel 4

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