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Quote1.png You don't leave your team in the middle of a battle and go off half-cocked. You'd know that if you knew anything. That's why you fail. And you're crazy. And I know I could have killed you and I didn't. I'm better than you. Just FYI. Quote2.png
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Synopsis for 1st story

The Dark Avengers have taken a weakened Luke Cage into custody. When Hawkeye asks about what to do about the rest of his team, Carol Danvers then flies away from the hospital. The Iron Patriot starts to pursue her but is knocked away flat by Danvers. The rest of the Dark Avengers split up to find the fugitives. Karla Sofen/Ms. Marvel ghosts into the hospital to find the Night Nurse sending an e-mail to Ben Urich detailing tonight's events. She warns Sofen that if anything happens to her then it would be a violation of her civil rights. Sofen demands to know where the New Avengers are but the Night Nurse acts ignorant.

Down in the sewers, Daken, Hawkeye and Venom are searching for their prey. Then, out of nowhere, Captain America's shield slams into the former; Spider-Woman uses her venom blasts against Venom; Hawkeye gets his face covered in Spider-Man's webbing. Ronin also throws Hawkeye away for wearing his uniform. However, Ares throws his axe at them, which Cap braces for with his shield, knocking him down. As soon as Ares is on top of him, Cap surprises him with a round of bullets to the chin, knocking the God of War away.

Meanwhile, at the Hood's hideout, Park Robbins and Madame Masque return to learn from John King that Dr. Jonas Harrow and the rest of the gang found about his deal with Osborn and made their own. Already, his gang has surrendered themselves to Osborn.

On the H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier, doctors are operating on Cage. Osborn uses his armor's repulsors to shock his pulse back. But to save his live, they need to get past his unbreakable skin, so therefore, Osborn calls in Dr. Harrow.

Back at the Avengers Hideout, Jessica Jones' mother is criticizing her daughter for raising her child is such conditions when they are wanted fugitives. Jessica states to her mother that she doesn't want her child to live by a lie. She believes that the New Avengers' actions are justified. Then, the rest of the team come in, all sullen, with her husband missing. As soon as she learned what happened, Jessica flies out of the hideout, only to be stopped by Danvers, who assures her that they have a plan to rescue him.

Dr. Harrow has arrived to operate on Cage. However, Osborn has other plans for him.

Solicit Synopsis

The Hood's control over his turf is challenged. Big time. And you won't believe by who. And you won't believe where the Hood is getting his newfound powers from. A big status quo change for the power brokers of the Marvel Universe. Guest-starring the Cabal. All that and guess which Avengers hook up this issue. And by hook up... we mean " hook up".

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