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Quote1 You don't @#$^ with Luke Cage. Quote2
Jessica Jones-Cage

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Synopsis for 1st story

Luke Cage is on a hospital bed, very weak. Before him are Osborn and Victoria Hand, who demand that he concede the names and location of his fellow Avengers if he wants to free his family of prosecution.

At the Avengers hideout, the New Avengers have gathered Doctor Voodoo, the Thing, Hellcat, Misty Knight, Iron Fist, Valkyrie, Daredevil and Doctor Strange to help them rescue Cage. They then brainstorm over where could Osborn be holding him. Strange and Voodoo scout the Helicarrier in their astral forms, before returning to their bodies to confirm Cage's presence on there. However, Iron Fist asserts that there is a high chance that Osborn knows they were there, for his company learned of a technology that could detect an astral projection, which Tony Stark about and now Osborn knows due to owning Stark Industries. Therefore, the main team launched an attack on Camp H.A.M.M.E.R.

On the Helicarrier, Osborn is informed about the detecting of the astral forms. The Helicarrier then receives an alert from Camp H.A.M.M.E.R., which the Dark Avengers respond to.

H.A.M.M.E.R. then begins to transfer Cage to another location. But then they attempt to load him on a chopper, a magical projection of a werewolf springs out. This gives room for the rest of the team to retrieve Cage. Victoria Hand rushes onto the launch deck to stop them. But before she could even take a shot, Iron Fist slams a chi-focused karate chop on the floor, causing the Helicarrier to come crashing down.

At Camp H.A.M.M.E.R., all personnel and Taskmaster are battered and beaten. Hawkeye makes at crack at the latter for letting Captain America beat him up, resulting in him being punched away. Osborn isn't concern, for they were prepared for this.

Far away, the New Avengers learn that their plan was a success. They meet up with the others at a hospital, where Cage is recovering. However, unknown to everyone, there is a small tracker planted on his heart.

Solicit Synopsis

Aw, it’s been a long long time since Spider-Man and Spider-Woman had some alone time. Some nice quality time. Too bad this isn't that time. We'd tell you who they are fighting here but it'll spoil some big goings on in the issues you haven't read yet. From the dashing duo of Brian Bendis and Stuart Immonen!


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