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Quote1 You hunt and kill Captain America...and Luke Cage...and Ms. Marvel...and Iron Fist...and Clint Barton...and Mockingbird...and Daredevil...and Spider-Woman...and Doctor Strange...and this Doctor Voodoo and all the others. You are my new storm troopers. My new black guard. You hunt them and you kill them. I don't care how. You bring me their heads. And you're off the hook with me. We're square. All sins forgiven. ... Spider-Man too. But I want him alive. Quote2
Norman Osborn

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Synopsis for 1st story

Luke Cage is anxious to see Danielle, who is being cared for by his mother in-law. However, Doctor Strange does one last check on his heart, magically peering through his skin. Everyone sees a small device placed on his heart, transmitting a faint frequency that Daredevil can hear. Either if the device is a tracer or a bomb, they make the decision to extract it without killing him.

Meanwhile, Osborn, while flying in the Iron Patriot armor, receives a call from the Hood and Madame Masque. Osborn demands to the former why he didn't keep his gang in line. The Hood answers that had had personal issues, which Loki helped him with regaining his powers. However, he wants to know what he's going to do about Dr. Harrow.

Henry Pym/The Wasp is called in to take Strange inside Cage's body so that they could remove the device. Strange uses his magic to contain the device, while Pym carefully shrinks it off Cage's heart. Then suddenly, Daredevil notices a change in its frequency, meaning that it is a bomb.

The Dark Avengers follow the bomb's beacon. However, Osborn demands to Harrow to stop the bomb from detonating. Unfortunately, it cannot be stopped. Luckily, the bomb was successfully extracted and left on the bed Cage was lying on. And it explodes -- right in Osborn's summer house.

Back at the Avengers hideout, everyone is celebrating a job well done. However, Jessica's mother says that they owe their child a safe, normal life, which Cage has to agree with.

On the H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier, the Hood's gang is waiting for Harrow to arrive. The reason why is for the Hood to blast off his head. He then berates his gang for spurning his generosity; The Wrecker snaps back that he didn't tell them that they were working for Osborn; the Hood corrects him that he didn't want his gang to be under Osborn's thumb, so they are in fact his freelance agents. Now, they have to work with Osborn and do what he says. They have to kill everyone who was involved in Cage's escape, including the New Avengers. However, Osborn wants Spider-Man alive.

Solicit Synopsis

Get ready for something you never thought you'd see! Is this the end of Luke Cage? Has the Dark Reign found a casualty so horrifying that the Avengers may not be able to keep it together? Another shocker from the crack team of Bendis and Immonen.

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