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Synopsis for "Siege (Part 3)"

The New Avengers, with Nick Fury and the recently reborn Steve Rogers as Captain America and leader of the team, are fighting with the Asgardians against Norman Osborn and his team of Dark Avengers. Luke Cage pounds Venom before he can attack Rogers, then gets blasted away by Osborn. Cage lands on a tower and sees a small Asgardian girl with brown hair.

Flashing back to yesterday, Cage and his wife Jessica are coddling their baby Danielle. They discuss issues about Rogers coming back from the dead to lead a revolution against Osborn and whether Jessica will return to being a superhero.

In the present, as the Hood's gang enters the chaos. Ronin takes down Chemistro before assisting Mockingbird.

Yesterday, Mockingbird wakes up from a strange dream and decides to go out on patrol. Ronin follows, trying to find out what's wrong. The two encounter Lady Octopus and work together to take her down.

In the present, the Sentry flies through Asgard, destroying it and sending it crumbling to the ground. Amidst the destruction, Ronin cries out for Mockingbird. The last image is a hand pinned down by rubble.

Solicit Synopsis

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! The battle for Asgard is in full force. One of the biggest battles in all of Marvel history! And at the heart of that war is a battle so intense and crucial that the entire future of the Marvel Universe relies on who emerges victorious. This is the story of that battle!


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