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Quote1.png You don't like the odds? You change them! You're right, the Avengers are coming for you. ... So when they come for make sure you're ready. You make sure you have something they would never see coming. Quote2.png
Madame Masque

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Some time after Doctor Doom's assault on Avengers Tower, Osborn meets the Hood in the Cabal's meeting place. The formers asks to see the source of his powers: the Norn Stones. He tries lifting them but he can't, as the stones chose the Hood. When he hears that they can do anything the Hood desires, Osborn cleverly states that he's his new best friend again. He asks for the Hood's assistance in invading Asgard. The Hood admits to Osborn aside from the fact that he owes Loki, he also didn't turn his own gang against him, to which Osborn reminds is part of the deal they had. The Hood also adds that his induction into the Cabal was because of Kingpin's downfall; Osborn states that Fisk was a true criminal, too dishonest to even do business with The Hood then concedes his support. When asked about the rest of his gang, the Hood states that they would want something. Osborn elaborate that he's going to elevate his Thunderbolts program to replace the Avengers as the protecting force of the U.S.A. and he wants the Hood to run it, along with his gang. In short, it is a "get-out-of-jail-free card" for all of them.

Later, the Hood tells his gang about Osborn's offer. The first person to refuse is Mandrill, believing that Osborn is just using them as cannon fodder. In response, the Hood strips him of his Asgardian powers, causing him to reconsider.

During the Siege of Asgard, the Hood's gang ambushes the Avengers. The Hood himself stops Nick Fury from shooting Osborn. Meanwhile Madame Masque is about to shoot Captain America, when the Sentry/Void leveling Asgard sends them all flying. Concerned for her, the Hood goes looking for Masque. Elsewhere, Ronin finds Mockingbird pulling herself out of the rubble. They almost run into the Hood and Masque, before they see the Void attacking everyone one. At that moment, Loki reclaims the Norn Stones from the Hood, stripping him and his gang of their powers, while giving the Avengers the strength to win. Masque then shoot the two confused Griffin and Blood Brother, so she and the Hood could slip away. They kill two soldiers on lookout and steal their Hummer to escape to Mexico. As they settle in their hideaway, news plays about Osborn's resurgence as the Green Goblin. The Hood laments that his gang will sell him out and Captain America will find them. Masque slaps him for that, demanding to him if he's just going to lay around and die. She promises that they will be ready for when the Avengers come for them.

Solicit Synopsis

SIEGE BLOCKBUSTER TIE-IN!! The staggering conclusion to the SIEGE arc delves into the Hood's secret relationship with Norman Osborn and how it will affect the stunning outcome. Plus the fate of the one they call Mockingbird! What you don’t see in SIEGE, you will see here!! The Story concludes in New Avengers Finale Vol 1 1


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