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Quote1.png When I use my powers of a million exploding suns -- I unleash a blackness across the world. He comes and attacks the world every time I try to save it. That is his purpose. It killed my wife. I killed my wife. It killed -- it keeps coming. And coming. Quote2.png
Sentry (Robert Reynolds)

Appearing in "The Sentry: Part 1"

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Synopsis for "The Sentry: Part 1"

While flying over New York City, Iron Man receives word from "Spider-Woman" that one of the Raft fugitives popped up on the grid outside Long Island. She tells him the rest of the Avengers will head there to handle the situation since Iron Man had a prior commitment. Tony goes off-line as he arrives at the Funtime, Inc. Facility for a meeting of the Illuminati.

The other members of the Secret Organization begin questioning Tony about the reformation of the Avengers. He explains that it had happened yesterday and he was coming there to tell them about it. Doctor Strange, Mister Fantastic, and Professor X are glad to hear the news and support Tony's decision. Namor is upset that the Illuminati were not told of the plans before they happened. Black Bolt seems indifferent. Iron Man explains that the New Avengers will be tracking down the fugitives from the Raft incident. Doctor Strange mentions that he was attacked by The Crusader outside his house, so that is one less fugitive to worry about.

Meanwhile, in Long Island, The Wrecker arrives at the house of Ed Gross, a man who bought his equipment to add to his Super-Villain costume collection when he was incarcerated. He threatens Mr. Gross's daughter into returning his accouterments, which includes his crowbar. He then plans to use the woman as a hostage, but encounters the Avengers as he leaves the garage. The Wrecker sends Spider-Man, Luke Cage, and Wolverine flying as they attack him in turn leaving Spider-Woman alone to face the criminal.

Elsewhere, in the Nevada Desert, Director Maria Hill has pinpointed the location of Robert Reynolds, the Sentry. Captain America and Iron Man approach him. Sentry tells them to leave and says the The Void is coming and no one is safe since he used his powers. Iron Man then brings in Lindy Reynolds, Robert's wife who he thought was dead by his own hands, and Paul Jenkins, the comic book writer who apparently created The Sentry.



  • Wolverine joins the Avengers in this issue alongside Captain America, which is ironic considering Cap told him nineteen years prior that the Avengers would never have him in Captain America Annual #8.

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