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Quote1.png It's me -- I'm the Void. I know this. I am the Void. But why am I the Void? Quote2.png
The Sentry

Appearing in "The Sentry: Part 3"

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Synopsis for "The Sentry: Part 3"

The issue begins with a flashback to one day prior. Iron Man is meeting with The Illuminati to discuss The Sentry. None of those assembled have any knowledge of the man, even though Reed Richards discovers he has 1,233 files referencing him.

Back in the present, The Void appears and begins attacking the collected heroes. The Invisible Woman, Dr. Strange, and Iron Man take on a defensive role allowing Mr. Fantastic and Emma Frost to try and reason with Robert. As the battle with The Void rages on, Mr. Fantastic plays Robert a video of himself telling the Robert in the present to allow anyone offering to fix him to do so.

Emma journeys with Robert into his own psyche to uncover the hidden memories. They relive his own origin story as he became the Golden Guardian of Good, as well as seeing some of his exploits. They then dig behind some of his memories and he recalls two shadowy figures discussing how they have removed his memories. Emma recognizes one as Mastermind but the other is unknown. Mastermind laid mental commands in Robert that have caused him to use his vast abilities to remove any memories regarding The Sentry from everyone on Earth. Robert recognizes the other figure and runs from Emma, trapping her in his mind as he takes full control of The Void.

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