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Quote1.png Listen to me... You're going to turn her into something she didn't ask for. If it works...a cross between me and Cap, sure, it sounds great in theory. But the Infinity Formula... It's nothing but a ticket to every friend's funeral. Everyone she'll ever know will die while she watches. Including you. Quote2.png
Nick Fury

Appearing in "Bye, Bye, Birdie..."

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Synopsis for "Bye, Bye, Birdie..."

As Mockingbird's biological clock begins to wane, Wolverine is still in the middle of interrogating the captive female H.A.M.M.E.R. agent as to Superia's whereabouts. Unsatisfied, Hawkeye charges into the room and begins threatening the agent. Meanwhile, Cage gets a call from his wife that Spider-Man has something. Getting on the line, Spidey explains that from examining Superia's notes, he has determined that she was working on some sort of formula. The other Avengers at the Barrington precinct go in and interrogate the agent about the formula as well. The agent claims that Superia saw the formula as "the future" and that she would share it with her followers. Meanwhile, Ms. Marvel then remembers seeing Superia holding the formula and informing the others. Hawkeye begins threatening the agent, demanding to know Superia's rendezvous.

Just then, Cage gets a call form Victoria Hand, stating that she's arranged for Superia's capture.

In 1959, Dominic Fortune is being debriefed regarding Nick Fury's recent Avengers mission against the Red Skull. After relaying what has happened, Fortune tries demanding to know what was in that case and how did the Red Skull gain his own Captain America.

In the present, the New Avengers, along with Spider-Woman, are waiting for their ambush. However, Spidey expresses skepticism regarding Hand, given that she's indirectly responsible for Mockingbird's condition. But Thing accepts responsibility for what happened.

As expected, Superia arrives, expecting to get out of the country. Unexpected, the New Avengers are attacked by an aircraft. Iron Fist takes down the aircraft before they corner Superia. Superia tries defending that what she has in her suitcase can save Mockingbird and she will hand it over in exchange for being allowed to leave. Doctor Strange then magically summons her suitcase, before Ms. Marvel comes slamming into Superia. Then out of nowhere, Fury himself appears to explain that Superia stole one thing from a secret facility that only 25 people know about: a mixture of the super-soldier serum and the Infinity formula, the latter that keeps Fury from getting old. The Skull from the 50s used it to create his own Captain America.

At Mockingbird's bedside, Fury advises against using the formula to revive Mockingbird, because they don't know what it will do to her and that she might spend an extended life seeing her friends die. Hawkeye makes the decision for her and injects the formula, causing Mockingbird's eyes to open.

Superia is brought to The Raft. But as soon as she is put in her cell, she notices a note slide under her door, with the face of the Green Goblin on it. She guesses that Hand must have sent it.

Solicit Synopsis

The truth of the Avengers and their never-been-told-before origins have been revealed, but how will Nick Fury's shocking past save the life of an Avenger who's life hangs in the balance? One Avenger will be changed forever. Will they live or will they die?? And who is the new face of H.A.M.M.E.R.?!

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