Quote1 Avengers Tower falling was one of the sobering moments of my life. I've seen a lot of stuff in my day, but that was -- I was instantly pulled out of myself. So ashamed that I was enjoying the battle. But I wasn't enjoying the battle. I was enjoying that I was alive. I had cheated death one more time and I had -- it was an all-new me. I was a super-soldier (of a sort) and I wanted to live up to it. But now I knew, once the Tower fell, I knew I was being given this second chance for a reason. I was going to do what a super-soldier does. I was going to turn the battle around. I was going to take it right to the Red Skull's doorstep and I was going to put my fist right through her skull. I knew why I was given a second I could kill the Red Skull. Quote2
-- Mockingbird

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FEAR ITSELF TIE-IN It won't take some of the Avengers to fight the madness of Fear Itself it will take ALL OF THEM!! The New Avengers and Avengers join forces in the face of true fear! And who will join the New Avengers for the first time EVER? Stay tuned, True Believer! This is a can't-miss Avengers event!


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Finally...Mockingbird gets her due. I've been waiting since her comeback for her to do SOMETHING on the Avengers other than stand around in the background and get shot. And, finally, she gets her chance. With an issue focused almost entirely on her, we get to see her in action with her new Super-Soldier Serum/Infinity Formula-fueled powers as she takes on Nazi robots left and right. Combined with the interview segments, it was a nice issue for Mockingbird. Spider-Man's own misgivings about being on a team with Hand around was interesting (though kind of confusing. Is he leaving the Avengers...or just that team of Avengers?), and a nice continuation of past events and his own mistrust of her past connections to Osborn. Sad to say that most of the rest of the team were just around in the background, including Thing (who, despite being Angrir on the cover disappeared shortly after the battle started and wasn't seen again...though that was largely due to him blowing up Yancy Street in Fear Itself and destroying Avengers Tower in Avengers).

Not much to say about this issue. I'd give it a 3.75 out of 5. Nothing bad about it, really, just nothing amazing (aside from Mockingbird). Solid issue, but could have done more.

GrnMarvl14 15:17, July 16, 2011 (UTC)

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This review is of New Avengers Vol 2 #14, and I gave it a 4/5.

Plot or ending details follow. Please skip this section if you do not want foreknowledge of this plot.
Spoilers in the video! Read the book before watching, you'll be glad you did. :)

New Avengers Vol 2 14 Review by Peteparker

New Avengers Vol 2 14 Review by Peteparker

Nathan (Peteparker) (Earth-1218) (talkcontribsemail) 02:54, July 16, 2011 (UTC)
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