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Devil's Reign Vol 1 4 Black History Month Variant Textless
Luke Cage
Quote1 Avengers... Whup his ass! Quote2
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Quote1 Uh, is that the catchphrase now? Quote2
James Howlett (Earth-616) from Avengers Vol 8 37 001
Quote1 It is now. Quote2

Appearing in "New Vs. Dark... 'Nuff Said!"

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Synopsis for "New Vs. Dark... 'Nuff Said!"

At Avengers Mansion, a troubled Jessica Jones asks Squirrel Girl to do "one last favor" for her.

Back in Miami, Luke Cage attempts to arrest Norman Osborn, but Osborn smugly replies that "Steve Rogers' charity case" has no authority over him. Provoked, Cage leads his New Avengers into a fight with the new Dark Avengers.

Cage charges at Osborn, who blocks his punch with apparent ease, and then just as easily throws him out of the fight. Wolverine is taken off-guard by Skaar and felled with a jaw-shattering punch; Spider-Man comes to his aid against a vengeful Gorgon. Meanwhile, Iron Fist decides to see what would happen if he "iron-fisted" a Hulk: result, Skaar flies across the battlefield and crashes into Ai Apaec. Norman sends Superia (Dark Ms. Marvel) to crash the Avengers' ship while standing proud for the bystanders, who are filming events and debating which side is in the wrong.

Doctor Strange binds June Covington (Dark Scarlet Witch) with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, but she paralyzes him with her poisonous breath; Daredevil distracts her long enough for Spider-Man to get in and save Strange. The Dark Avengers are displaying none of the New Avengers' teamwork, but the point is made moot when Superia brings their ship crashing down, scattering the fighters and wounding Mockingbird and some of the civilians.

Luke Cage returns to the fight, still determined to get Osborn, but an enormous tidal wave suddenly appears and separates the two teams. The Dark Avengers begin to lose nerve, but the wave just as suddenly vanishes to reveal that the New Avengers have fled. Osborn congratulates Strange on pulling off a nice trick and promises to return the favor.

The team has been teleported to a rooftop away from the fight. Ms. Marvel is angry at their sudden retreat and claims they could have won. Cage responds that the Dark Avengers had every advantage, and Spider-Man adds that Victoria Hand set them up to fail. Strange, barely able to stand, agrees. The conversation is cut short by the sudden arrival of Osborn's promised trick: Ragnarok. "Oh, great," Spidey deadpans. "They have a Thor."

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The New Avengers vs. the Dark Avengers!

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