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Appearing in "Ragnarok!"

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Synopsis for "Ragnarok!"

New York: Jessica Jones is leaving Avengers Mansion with her bag packed and baby Danielle in her arms. She has to walk through a huge crowd of protesters, most of whom claim some grievance against the Avengers, real or imagined. She tries to reason with them, but someone throws a bottle at her head, turning the mood of the crowd ugly and enraging Squirrel Girl. The protest descends into a riot, but with Doreen's help (and the sudden appearance of a mob of squirrels), Jessica and her baby get away.

On the roof of a skyscraper in Miami, the New Avengers are baffled at the sudden appearance of "Thor." Only Wolverine is quick enough to recognize the imposter and go on the offensive; the rest of the team are blasted from the rooftop by a powerful bolt of lightning.

Spider-Man quickly catches his stunned teammates with his webs and gets them safely to the ground. Over their heads, Wolverine and Ragnarok are trading vicious blows. Luke Cage flies back into the fray just as the Thor clone is getting the better of Wolverine, smashing Ragnarok through the windows of a nearby office building. Spider-Man catches Wolverine, followed shortly thereafter by Cage; Spidey then "volunteers" Iron Fist to go next. Danny's punch strikes Ragnarok in the chest; the new Dark Avengers see the resulting explosion where they stand at the docks.

Trickshot (Charles Barton) wants to go finish off the New Avengers, but Norman Osborn and Skaar explain that they will lose the crowd's sympathy if they attack now. Trickshot is not convinced, so Osborn restrains him by force. Mockingbird activates the Minicarrier concealed in the wreckage of the Quinjet, which Osborn correctly interprets to mean the New Avengers are retreating. Before returning to New York, however, the team drop off a parting gift: the battered wreck of Ragnarok.

The New Avengers arrive home to be greeted by a SWAT team, who inform them that Avengers Mansion has been seized by the government and that all of them are under arrest.

Solicit Synopsis

  • The New Avengers battle the Dark Avengers.
  • One Avenger leaves the team in defeat.

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