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Appearing in "The New Avengers Versus Authority"

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Synopsis for "The New Avengers Versus Authority"

The New Avengers are facing off against federal forces sent to seize Avengers Mansion and bring them in for questioning. The team is incensed to receive this kind of welcome, particularly Luke Cage, who charges the line in an attempt to break through and get inside the mansion. A soldier opens fire on him. The new Dark Avengers, watching the live broadcast, find this fantastic entertainment, though tension is evident between Skaar and Trickshot.

Knowing they are in a no-win situation, Doctor Strange teleports the New Avengers to his Sanctum Sanctorum. Luke Cage is frantic to go back, thinking Jessica is still inside Avengers Mansion. Wong interrupts and tells him that she and the baby left, giving Luke his wife's phone. Luke leaves the team and grimly stalks off into the night.

Victoria Hand is packing hastily in her apartment when the New Avengers turn up on the other side of her bedroom door. Despite a punch from Mockingbird and a terrifying illusion from Doctor Strange, she maintains that she isn't working for Osborn -- a claim the New Avengers start to believe only when Daredevil's enhanced senses confirm that she's telling the truth.

At H.A.M.M.E.R. Headquarters, Gorgon and Madame Hydra are plotting their defection from Norman Osborn. She shows him their trophy: the captive Steve Rogers.

The whole truth has come out about Victoria Hand: she was asked by Captain America to be a triple agent -- spying on Osborn under the cover of being a mistrusted employee of Steve Rogers. Mockingbird and Ms. Marvel pressure her to call Osborn and lure him in. Osborn, however, suspects his agent has turned and calls the Dark Avengers, sending them to her address and telling them they will find the New Avengers there.

While boarding their ship and idly chatting about what distinguishes "New Avengers" from just "Avengers," Gorgon lets slip that Captain America is imprisoned in their basement. With a cry of "Avengers Assemble!", Skaar turns on his former "teammates."

Solicit Synopsis

  • The final battle between the New Avengers and the Dark Avengers. And not everyone makes it out alive!


  • The troops sent to arrest the New Avengers resemble Spartans from the game series Halo.


  • Artist Mike Deodato Jr. did a mock-up of this issue's cover to suggest to include dialogue, with Iron Fist saying "We can't hurt him" and Ms. Marvel expressing "Osborn is untouchable!" as a callback to the style of old comic book covers.[1]

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